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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Playtime in the wood!

Today my best friend M came over with her children, Compostgirl's best friends K and J . We had planned to have a play session in our wood with a fire, popcorn, toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate.....but the weather looked like it would defeat us.

Yesterday was terrible and we seriously thought we wopuld have to postphone our session BUT today was nice and sunny so......we decided to go for it!

I am a Forest School leader (in training) so it seemed a natural thing for Compostman and I to discuss setting up a Forest School type site in our wood. So we have!

And both J and Compostgirl have had Forest School sessions at their respective schools so it seemed a really good idea to have a woodland play session with Forest School tendancies! Compostman had felled a tree earlier and cut some logs for us to sit on round the fire and produced some bricks and an old cooker shelf to put the Billy can on for boiling water. He also wired on to a pole the 2 sieves I had bought for popcorn making. He is a helpful Compostman!

Having previously laid out the log circle rounds the fire pit we went into the woods this afternoon to have some fun! The children went off to play in the wood whilst I lit a fire and got the water boiling.

Peeling some sticks to toast marshmallows on

Brewing up! and toasting stuff

Blow on the marshmallows as they are HOT!

Hot chocolate all round

Popcorn making!

We had a whale of a time! We toasted marshmallows, made popcorn and had hot chocolate. The children ran around,used secaturs to cut down hazel wands, peeled the bark off them with peelers and then toasted marshmallows on the ends. They built dens and played tag.

We sat round the fire while the children played, talking and enjoying the fire and the atmosphere of the woodland.

Afterwards the children all had supper together before saying goodbye and K, J and M went off home.



  1. That looks lovely,good fun for the smalls indeed, I expect they all went out like lights that night

  2. Hi there!

    Oh yes...Compostgirl was out for the count for 12 solid hours that night, and K and J were the same...they fell asleep on the way home poor loves!

    It is such delight to see them running around, just playing, doing what children do without directions or orders...

    will be doing it again very soon!

  3. That looks like such fantastic fun - I'm quite jealous actually!

  4. Mrs C Why do you think I do this kind of thing as a job? ;-O Getting PAID to have camp outs in the wood? or run environmental play sessions?

    If you want to come visit us and play you are more than welcome! ...and GTM plus smalls the same goes for you!

    We could have a wonderful time in the woods.......


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