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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Autumn Equinox, bouncing chicks and Apples!

Yesterday and today was dry and warm so I mowed EVERYWHERE!!!! And I now have a humungous pile of grass to replenish many compost bins so guess what Compostwoman will be doing tomorrow? YEP, you guess it, I will be filling (counts) 8 bins tomorrow as I have a load of "browns" saved up waiting in the lean to.

What else have I done with this weekend? I have cleaned from top to bottom the Sitting room..including washing the curtains, cleaning all the windows and polishing all the woodwork ...lovely smell of beeswax and lavender now! I picked a load of apples ( for storing and cider ) ditto Purple and Green beans, courgettes and the very last of the PT toms...4 kg of mixed red and green...so bean chutney and tomato chutney time tomorrow also I think!

Also have done 4 other loads of washing ( 2 loads were cat blankets and once a year sort of stuff.....

Compostman is sore but improving and spent some of today mending the petrol push mower, although I had to lift it up on to his workbench and back down to the floor and also keep starting it with the starter cord..I was NOT risking him doing any of that!! Oh and Compostgirl and I went to our local countrywide store for hen food supplies, cat food and some wine....which I am just about to go and open and watch the Climate Change programme.

We also admired Sweetiepie the Hen and the Sweetie Six...they are now starting to bounce along, wing assisted...its VERY funny to watch! Babs and Goldie are laying everyday and from today we can eat their eggs again and Babs laid a double yolker today! the first one I have known about since I started keeping hens again last year! so that was eggciting! .I have a bit of video of the chicks "bouncing" along and will try to put it up on here.

Hope you all had a good, productive Autumn Equinox weekend as well!


  1. Wow - that certainly sounds like a busy day!

  2. Oh it was, it was!

    and SO NICE to be able to do stuff outside ALL DAY! we all got loads of things done!

    Hope you are well...will pop over to your blog and have a peek soon.....

    CW xx

  3. wow, you were busy!! busy days with lots of achievements are good though.

    a belated Autumn Equinox blessing to you

    Leanne x


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