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Sunday, 30 November 2008

A wonderful woodland Sunday

Well we had a lovely time today, the weather , despite being horrible on the BBC Weather forcast, ( rain, snow and freezing fog!) was actually sunny and cold.

We had a brilliant time! 8 children all gathered to play in our wood, the children ran around doing what they liked while Compostman got the fire going, then we played a game of find the woolly caterpillar...(hunt the coloured woollen strings in the surrounding woods and tie them on a stick) then we helped the children to each cut and whittle a stick to toast marshmallows over the fire, while I got the Kelly Kettle going for hot chocolate...then while the children drank and ate , I popped some corn...and they all ate that, then we played a few more games..and then went inside ( the sun had set by now and it had got cold...) and the children played a bit more in Compostgirls bedroom, then they all ate home made sausages in bread rolls, with chips, and a yummy chocolate cake made by Compostman and Compostgirl earlier this morning...and then they played a bit more in Compostgirl's bedroom....and finally they all went home all wanting to come back SOON!

Compostgirl went to sleep very quickly tonight , with a BIG smile on her face...... :-) Compostman and I are shattered and are currently drinking BIG glasses of red wine..but it WAS fun....and reminds me just why I want to do this kind of thing for a living...


  1. Sounds Idyllic! Happy Birthday CG!

  2. What a wonderful party! So refreshing to see children out in the fresh air enjoying themselves! Hope you enjoyed your glass of wine .. sound like you deserved it!
    Willow x

  3. Sounds like the perfect party... what a wonderful idea... and that glass of wine was the perfect end to a perfect day by the sound of things!!
    Please wish CG A Very Happy Birthday!!!
    Love Jane xxxxx

  4. Wot - No party entertainer, hire of village hall, invites to the world and his wife, oodles of plastic food and fizzy drinks!! Sounds like a heavenly party and weren't you lucky with the weather.

    Rosie x

  5. Compostgirl says a VERY big thank you for all the good wishes....

    and YES I do feel a certain smugness coming on that it was a plastic free, fizzy drink free, entertainer free zone (apart from what *Compostman and I * laid on, although we DO have some really GOOD ones round here!) ,

    Instead we had bonfires, hot chocolate, stick whittleing and marshmallow toasting, popcorn popping, "wooly caterpillars" hunting, den building, " 1 2 3 where are you?" games and then for food.....organic Rocks squash, home made sausages, home made wholemeal bread rolls and chutney and then cake.....

    and (whisper) no party bags..I actually didn't even give any out ....nor did we have any party games with prizes...

    and STILL the feedback from Compostgirl's friends on Monday?

    was uniformly " Great party, Cool party, Can we come and do it again?" etc...

    which was nice!

    and it is all good research for my marketing plan as well, to offer parties as part of my Forest School/Eco centre ideas...

    and if you have EVER seen the cost of such parties...(!) for this age group..( as some of you obviously have!) you will understand why I am quite pleased that I seem to be " hitting the spot" with what we do!

    and it was HUGE fun as well...

    oh I *do* love doing all this sort of stuff.........



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