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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Today I rushed around a lot!


Today I rushed around a lot!

Because it was such a sunny day today I have done much washing and hanging out of clothes and general tidying up.

and then I went over to some farming friends a few miles away ( who run an organic box scheme) to get a couple of bales of their hay, for the hens nest boxes. I had to empty out my car completely, first which was a bit of a chore...

I usually put straw inside the nest boxes, because hay is supposed not to be good for hens...but unsprayed straw is a bit in short supply at the moment, and I am nearly out, so I have switched to using hay in the nest boxes. Its only a small quantitiy so it seems ok to me to use it.

BTW, today I got 5 eggs from 6 hens, which is good going for this time of year :-)

But having come home with some bales of hay from our friend's farm ( having spent time talking to thier lovely hens and roosters) I had to arrange somewhere dry and sheltered for the bales to live, so Compostman and I started making space in the lean-to for the bales..which turned into a bigger tidy up of the lean to...

and this ended up with me filling my car boot with stuff to go to the recycling site in Ledbury...but not until lovely Compostman had vaccumned all the bits of hay from out of my car.....

The lean to looks very tidy now and the bales are up on a pallet which we just happened to have lying around, and the bale I am using is inside a huge big poly bag to keep it all together ( the poly bag was another thing we just happened to have lying around, it's handy being horders of "stuff"....)

After lunch Compostgirl and I went to Ledbury to the HWS, we also went to Countrywide, for various stuff, wild bird seed, as we are running low, cat meat ( we had run low AGAIN! where do they put all this food?) some Easybed ( wood shavings for the hen house floor) but yet again they have NONE in stock...I can get some if I drive to Bromyard, but none will be in Ledbury for a week...and a real bargain, a 20 Kg sack of Organic Mixed Corn which was reduced by 25% (because one corner of the bag had been bashed and taped up!) which I was also getting low on and would have needed to buy in the next week, anyway.

Hmm lots of things I had nearly run out of, I notice!

Whilst in Ledbury Compostgirl and I also went to our friend C's Organic veg and wholefood shop to get some brassicas (we don't have much joy with them, the pigeons and squirrels eat all ours!)she had some lovely PSB, a cauli( the last of them I think) and some calabrese which was beautiful last time we had some.

Then a quick nip into Te$co for milk, more cat meat, some loo roll and beer......

and home.

Compostman had put away the hens while I was out and made a yummy chicken curry with rice and all the bits and bobs to go with it, so we are all fed and watered and ready to settle down to doing not much tonight in front of the fire.

Hope you all have a nice Saturday evening.


  1. Wow you were busy. I'm thinking when the spring comes, I will go to a petting zoo and see if I can touch a chicken. Then we can see if I could cope with somw at home.

  2. Phew!!!!!!!!! I am worn out after reading this post CW...
    You work so hard... if you could just bottle a bit of that energy and vigor for life and send some to me I would be very grateful!!
    In the meantime I will drag my weary bones along and get on with some of todays chores....
    Have a lovely Sunday!!
    Love Jane xxx

  3. Slice of Life, if you ever come over our way you can come and pet ours! they love being petted!

    Aromatic, I was full of vim yesterday but am regretting it a bit today I am afraid....

    Hope you got lots done!


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