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Friday, 30 January 2009

I'm back!


I am finished!

I have handed it in to my assessor!

This was my study at the height of writing my portfolio, books, documents and papers everywhere!

I HATE a messy office but I had so many books on the go, waiting for me to put them in as references, or use then to write something, that it all got a bit ( cough) out of hand.

This was the study when I had just finished the final print out of it all.

And this is my portfolio! 9 months of effort and hard work has gone in to this and to be honest there were times when I really didn't think I would get it done. Especially when I got Shingles in Oct ...just after I had finished the practical, teaching assessment part....It is very long, more than 300 sides of A4 plus various inserts and I have invested SUCH a lot of work into it, so I really hope it is acceptable....I will find out if I have to rework any of it in the next few weeks.

Compostgirl decorated the outside of the folder for me with various stickers she had in her room, from the RSPB, The Woodland Trust and Nature Detectives clubs. Quite appropriate, I felt ;-))

I had some fun along the way, last weekend my copy of Word decided it didn't recognise any of my portfolio files anymore, not the one on the hard drive OR any of the backed up copies....so I spent a fraught few days sorting all that out. Then my printer died. Kaput. Dead. Not fixable.

So we bought another, with a "why does this always happen when there is a deadline to meet" feeling....

BUT, it is ALL DONE!

So...normal service will be resumed and the antics of the chickens will be revealed ( and there is oh so much news to tell!)

as soon as I have had a rest and caught up with the post, the ironing, the mending, the decanting wine, the unpacking of seed order( been sitting there unopened for 2 days, terrible strain on my patience that, but I just knew, if I opened the box, I would start sorting and filing and planting etc....an NOT get ON WITH MY PORTFOLIO!

So....off to have a VERY BIG glass of wine, and put my feet up.

To all who have sent me good wishes and good luck thoughts, thank you all I really really appreciate it.


  1. oh well done! that must be a huge relief getting that out of the way :o)
    Enjoy the wine
    GTM x

  2. Thank you GTM! I am enjoying it! and am off to catch up with some of the TV I have had to miss ( VF, Jamie, Horizon etc etc ...)

    Love the latest pic of the smalls btw!

  3. Cheers! (both the hooray type, and the "drink up" type)!



    Your 'chaotic' desk during the height of your assessment looks like my desk on a fairly good day. I'm somewhat perturbed now...

  5. Well done C.W. I do hope all of your hard work reaps the rewards it deserves, I don't just mean when you are decanting either;-)

    Looking forward to the normal service, will e-mail soon, not next week as you have catching up to do & I'm on nights & hopefully set things up between the schools...

  6. Lucy, I am a tidy person normally, BUT when in the throes of writing stuff like this ( or my book...but more of that another time!)

    I tend to lay out suff in a sort of "mind map" on every available surface

    and woe betide ANYONE who moves ANYTHING...

    I am a visual learner, I have discovered.....


    Study now a tip again as I couldn't resist the siren call of my huge seed order.......( more on THAT in a later post, also!)

  7. Dean, email me this week or whenever...I have eco club again this week so can talk to my fellow leader if I know what we have in mind OR it can wait untill 3 weeks time ( after half term) and perhaps we could have a chat first as to what we have in mind?

    and thanks for the good wishes...I just hope I have read all the criteria correctly and answered them!!

  8. Sadge Cheers! I am on glass no 3 now....

    will go to bed soon...have had no more than 5 hours sleep ( interupted) this last 10 days, with the stress of getting IT DONE...

    so slept like a baby last night !

  9. WELL DONE!!! Glad to have you back, you have been missed!! Enjoy the wine and well deserved rest!!
    Love Jane xxxx

  10. Well done - and welcome back :)

    I agree with all the comments re: your idea of an "untidy" study...!

  11. **claps wildly** Well done - that is an excellent achievement. I love the view from your study; if ever if there is a view to give you inspiration, that has to be it!

    Have a well deserved rest :)


    Mrs g x

  12. Thanks Jane, Jo, Mrs G!

    Unfortunately all three of us have gone down with a headache/shiver/hot bug of some kind so I can't really enjoy my portfolio free ness....

    Ah well, an excuse to sit in front of the woodburner and catch up with TV and books!

  13. Congrats! I remember the feeling after finishing my thesis, it was just a drop-exhausted and so-proud feeling. Hope you can take some time for yourself and just bask in the accomplishment, doing the things you love.

  14. Hey there, welcome back! Oh wow...I want a study! Looks like a nice space to work in :)

  15. Hello LIALZ and Lucy

    I am still so pleased! and I did sort of collapse in a heap for a couple of days after it went in!

    I haven't felt like this since I finished my degree presentation and write up...or after my finals..

    looking back has made me realise just what a lot of hard work it has been..I must be getting old I think...am now 46 rather than 26!...

    but THANK you all for your kind thoughts , I really do appreciate ALL your good wishes and kind commments everyone!...



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