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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Normal service will be resumed as soon as I can...

Compostgirl is very ill and has been since last Thursday so I have been busy nursing her ( and myself, unfortunately I have also now caught it)

Compostman is OK at the moment...so fingers crossed he remains so...

so blogging is a bit low on the list at the moment....


  1. So sorry to hear Compostgirl and yourself CW are so poorly!! Looks like Compostman will have to brush up on his nursing skills!
    I do hope you will both feel much better soon... time for plenty of rest and TLC me thinks!! Wish I lived nearer so I could pop around and give you all a hand, but alas this is not possible so its just going to have to be (((BIG HUGS))) passed on in cyberspace!!!
    Thinking of you all...
    Much Love, Jane xxx

  2. I send good wishes for a speedy recovery to you both. Take care.

  3. Hope you are both feeling better soon. xx Hope its not the norovirus - we had that at Xmas - its bloody awful. Sending you all a hug.


  4. I hope she's soon feeling much better, you seem to be having a bit of a tough time at the moment. Look after yourself.

    Sue xx

  5. Just to wish all the Compost family good health and a speedy recovery.

  6. Hope shes feeling better soon & hope you all shake it off,its horrid getting lurgeys,(((hugs to you all)))
    GTM x x

  7. Wishing you all a very speedy recovery.
    Deborah x

  8. Sorry to hear you are both ill, I wish you a speedy recovery!

    Thank you for the post you left on my blog re Dorkings. I was tempted but I've decided to decline. I haven't done this lightly - there are two reasons. (a) you'd be giving me the cockerel to prevent him going in the pot, and I couldn't promise that wouldn't be his eventual fate with us as that's the reason we're establishing a small Dorking flock, and (b) I live in Berkhire, so it's going to be a bit impractical to get your boy and girls. Thank you very much anyway, I really appreciate it.

  9. Oh dear, I hope you all feel better soon

  10. Hello again, thanks for your emai (re tempting me).I have replied direvctly to the email, hope it arrives soon. I meant to ask, are you on the Omlet forum?

  11. Hope you are both well soon.

  12. Take care! Lots of rest and fluids.

  13. Hello all

    A quick dash in to report...

    I am OK, it was a brief, if unpleasant bout of D and V for me..

    Compostgirl however is v poorly, has not eaten now for ( Cw counts) 9 days, still has D and V, but what is making things much worse is she is refusing to drink enough (less than 500 ml per day max...) and is hovering on the verge of hospitalisation..the Drs we have seen over the last 3 days are not very helpful, they basically say "make her drink" but with a dificult, oppositional child at the best of times, it is virtually impossible...we were advised to force feed her fluid via a syringe...but with a large well grown 8 yr old thats very hard to do....!

    We tried it, she kicked shit out of us and spat out the fluid and it was very distressing as well...for all of us :-(

    She is very poorly, no Dr seems interested in her mental state or why she won't do what we ask, Drs, Teachers, adult friends have all explained (as have we, repeatedly) that she needs to drink, she says she understands the issues and that she needs to drink, she says she really doen't want to go into hospital and be put on a drip(she has had one before and didn't like it) there is no real reason for her not to drink, other than her behavioural problems, but they are the major problem here....but no one wants to address those issues, prefering to focus on us not parenting her properly ...to make her do what we say...

    I am going to call the Hospital for advice. NHS Direct seem only to be dealing with swine flu(which the GP has ruled out...

    and as I have said our GP's seem more concerned with us as poor parents than with her as a child with a long standing ( and reported) behavioural problem which is now endangering her....

    Am so worried and also very worn out...had very little sleep for 9 days due to all this and we are worried sick about her health and her ongoing behaviour.

    Sorry, I have just unloaded a very private issue to the world, but at the moment I don't really care...if anyone reads this and can help at all, it will have been worth it.....

  14. Just in case anyone was wondering, I have removed my later post about Compostgirl and how much difficulty we have had in the last two weeks...

    I had a few adverse comments :-(( on here so have put the later post into draft form...so it does not show up at the moment.

    Be assured all your (nice) comments were noted and acted upon though!!

    Why, though, do people feel the need to make nasty comments?

    Seriously, if you have nothing helpful to say, why say anything? Especially when I was asking for helpful comments?

    Some people..honestly...


  15. I've been on holiday, but did notice the post you've now deleted, however, I then had problems with my pc and couldn't post any comment, so I'll just say I hope your daughter is much improved by now.

  16. Glad to see you posting again. I hope that means that Compostgirl's health is much improved.


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