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Monday, 3 August 2009

Hiatus from blogging here

A message

I have been absent from blogdom these last few weeks, mainly because I have been really quite ill ( not sure if it was Pig pox (!) or just a return of my ever-lurking-just-waiting-to-pounce-at -the-most-wrong-time- and-mess-up-my-life CFS/ME )

AND as well, we have been so very busy here, what with the new roof, other building work, Compostgirl still causing us concern with her behaviour and all sorts of other stuff, such as this is the busiest time of year for harvesting and preserving the food we grow to keep us fed for the next 9 months!

I did, however, manage to do the odd bit of computer work ( in bed, from a laptop, mainly) mostly to do with paying work ( course notes for things I am teaching, brochures for my Forest School and other stuff, that sort of thing...)

And I have managed to write a few posts, which I will be publishing over the next few days, as it is still manic here, we are still doing building "stuff" and I am still really poorly...


  1. Take your time and look after yourself. I miss your posts but would rather you got yourself well first.


  2. We will be here ready to enjoy news of your harvest and improved health when it's not so busy. Take care of yourself first!

  3. So sorry to hear you are feeling ill. You are having a difficult time this year what with one thing and another. And as you say it always happens at the worst time!!
    Try to rest and take it easy so you can recover and build your strength up and hopefully before you know it you will be up and about once more! You are much missed but absence makes the heart grow fonder! Get well soon and sending((((HUGE HUGS))))
    With Much Love, Jane xxxx

  4. Sorry to hear you haven't been well. Take time to get better and all the best with compostgirl.

  5. I do hope you feel well soon. I recently had the Swine Flu which then caused a flare in my Fibromyalgia/CFS so you have my every sympathy! Try & take things easy. BIG hugs from Sara xx

  6. I'm glad Compostgirl doesn't seem to be too ill, but am very sorry that you've taken a turn for the worse. I hope it was a bug that laid you low and that you'll soon be recovered from it. Will be thinking about you, but don't feel obliged to post until you are properly well again.

  7. Hello peeps!

    yes it is me...woken up now from a few hours sleep and now wishing I hadn't gone to bed in the first place....

    I am still feeling very odd....and life here is hard at the moment due to CG's odd behavior...we are hoping to talk to our GP this week...but I wouldn't hold your breath based on previous visits.....

    I am still v weak and achey...and I SO do not need all this right now....

    I have tried to drag myself out to do stuff in the garden...but I come over sweaty and wobbly and weak...and have to go and lie down again....


    Life really sucks, sometimes....

    Ho hum, at least I have blessings to count, I guess...( when I can find them!)

    But you lot of blog friends...are definate blessings to count!

  8. Life takes precedence over blogs, unfortunately. Good luck!

  9. Hope all feels better soon! Take care. Xx

  10. Do hope you're feeling a bit better; ME is a bastard on the tiredness front, isn't it? Off-topic, but have you ever tried a homeopath? I missed the whole of the second year of secondary school, and quite a bit of the third year, with ME/CFS, and homeopathy was the only thing which made a difference, finally.

    Fingers crossed for Compost Girl too.

  11. GreenGirl and Two chooks13 August 2009 at 11:55

    ME/CFS like Ross River fever, the fatigue is indescribable to anyone whose never had it. Had it never want it ever come back again. Put yourself first and the blogging world second.

    By the way we LOVE your blog; it's inspired our little family to start our own here in sunny Queensland, Australia.


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