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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Compostgirl's Tudor House project

Compostgirl ( aged 8 ) has been learning about the Tudor period at school. Over half term they were asked to do a project on Tudor Houses. Compostgirl decided to make a model and then do an annotated drawing. She researched from books and online, what the houses were made out of, what different houses would have been like (depending on how poor or rich you were) and decided to make a half timbered house, of the sort a moderately wealthy person would have lived in.

Its her idea and choice of materials, we have helped her a bit with the trickier bits like cutting up wood strips and sawing things, and finding materials for her.. She took a cardboard box, some polystyrene sheet to make up the jetty(the sticking out upper floor) covered it all in white card to look like the outside lime washed wattle and daub,

stuck thin black painted balsa strip (which she painted and cut up) on the box for the beams

and made a roof out of corrugated card, which she painted to look like a tiled roof.

She has cut up lots of small pieces of black wood strip and glued them in place to look like the beams. She also made little windows out of plastic sheet and glued them in place, surrounded by more "beams"

The roof was also dabbed with green paint, to look like moss, and she added some black staining around the chimneys to look like soot stain.

I know my lovely daughter is good at making things and has a huge love for history but I am astonished at how good this model is! I know she has had a fair bit of help from us, but in every case it was help to do things she tried to do herself but couldn't quite manage. Things like making the long strips of wood using a power saw(!) She did mark and cut the small beams herself having first painted them.

She has also drawn an annotated diagram of her house and written an explanation of what Tudor houses were like.

It has taken her 2 weeks to do and she has spent so much time and effort on it and it looks amazing!

Chimney detail

Front door detail

The finished article, front view

Side view.

Back view.

And finally, the front view again but with a very proud Compostgirl next to it.


  1. Wow!
    That is massively impressive! Well done CG. I spent two years studying historic timber-framed architecture and that is an immaculate example.

  2. Billy hello! Welcome!

    E is SO proud of her efforts I think she might burst with it!

    Guess who is now printing out selected (by her) photos to go in her report folder, along with her original drawings for it and her written report?

    S xx

  3. This is Compostgirl here!

    Thank you for the comment you put about my house, I am pleased with it myself. It took me two weeks to do which was quite a long time for me but we managed it in the end.

  4. Wow - that's a fantastic piece of work CG! You should indeed be very proud of yourself as it takes a lot of dedication to do something like that!

  5. That's brilliant; she should be very proud of herself.

  6. Well done CG. That model is fantastic. You'll get a great mark for your project.

  7. I really want to commend you on your ability to stick with the project! That in itself is worth being proud of not to mention the most fantastic model you created.

  8. CG... That is FANTASTIC!!! Your eye for detail is superb and the house looks so impressive... You should be VERY proud of yourself!!!
    You deserve top marks...
    With Love, Jane xxxx

  9. WELL DONE CG! That is really authentic and so detailed and I am really impressed. Right, down to business, when can I move in?!

  10. Massively impressed - very well done CG, you've got a real eye for detail!

  11. That is wonderful. Looks brilliant and I can now imagine a whole model village (if CG has the time). I especially love the moss technique.
    (Looking forward to finally meeting you on Wednesday) :-)

  12. Compostgirl that is fantastic!

    Love JadedGreen

  13. Wow, well done CG, you deserve to get top marks for this house. Awesome.

  14. Well done CG!! its brilliant you should feel really proud x x x

  15. WOWEE !!! thats is amazing CG, you are a very talented young lady. I think there are a lot of grown ups who wouldn't have the patience and skill to produce something as good as that!
    well done!

  16. Very impressive work! I know I couldn't have done such a neat, detailed job.

  17. On behalf of Compostgirl ( Ellen) who is now in bed(!) can I just thank you all for your lovely comments? She is SO pleased at the lovely comments you have all made and is very proud of her efforts. And YES the project was very well received at school today and E gave a really good presentation, describing both Tudor House construction AND how she made her wonderful model.

    CM and I are both very proud of her and more importantly she is very proud of herself... :-)

    So thank you all :-)

  18. Absolutely brilliant, what a creative family you are. Well done compostgirl.

  19. What wonderful effort and a very impressive result! Not only the model, but the drawing and notes. Well done!

  20. Dean (sparhawkiw)...12 November 2009 at 00:10

    Absolutely stunning, I hope you can keep it for a long time to show it off to lots of people...

    Sarah, I can tell how proud you are & rightly so!!!

  21. Just so you all know...her model was in the prime position in Reception for the Parnt's Evenings this week..AND she got awarded a certificate and 4 (!) house points ..which was the top of the class.....

    She and we are so proud...

    She wants to make a Marcher Castle model next....!

  22. Hi there! Just returning to Blogland after a long break and just had to comment on this fantastic project by CG! She has such an eye for detail and very much deserves her 4 house points! Do we have a budding architect here?!

    Willow (@Tea with Willow) ... there's quite a few 'Willow's around!

  23. Wow that is impressive. I live in Ledbury and used to be a steward at the Heritage Centre in church lane. CG's model is so detailed and the side of the house is almost exactly like the side of the Heritage Centre. Did you know it took ten oak trees just to make the end section of the Centre, as only the middle section of the tree was used? I also found out while I was there that Tudor houses were prefabricated elsewhere then erected on site. A bit like Elizabethan IKEA. I love the detail in CG's front door. The doors at the Heritage Centre are also very low and visitors often used to bang their heads.

  24. Hello Charis...

    cough...we live very near to Ledbury..it is our loval town....which is why her house looks like the Heritage Centre!

    CG and I have spent many a happy hour building the wooden house model in there!

    She has loved looking down "the big hole" ( into the stream underneath..) since she was about 3...!


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