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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A (cold) day in my life.....

Gosh I haven't done one of these for a very long time!

I woke up at 4 am to a strange brighter light, which meant the snow had finally arrived with us. I went back to sleep, fitfully, until it was time to get up. I dressed in lots of warm layers as I know I am going to need them today! We all had breakfast and the cats came in shouting to be fed as they were "starving and would fade away to nothing soon......"

Compostman took Compostgirl to school, the main roads are OK but our little lane was very slippery. I made more hot tea for when he came back. Compostgirl was a tad reluctant to go as she wanted to stay and play in the snow and also play with her birthday presents from yesterday, so we had to be a bit firm about that and remind her she can play at school with lots of friends!

Cassi kitten was keen to see what the white stuff is, she has not yet seen snow so out she went but I am not sure what she made of it all....other two cats are going mad leaping around like kittens despite being over 2!

I did some chores ( put washing on, tidied up, decluttered the kitchen bench etc) and checked my emails, sent a work email and a social one then switched off and got on with stuff.

Compostman is digging up our sitting room floor as part of the refurbishment etc,

so we are now living in the dining room ( converted into a small sitting room) and eating in the kitchen.

This means I have to make sure the bench stays clear of "stuff" - normally it gets slowly covered with bits 'n bobs during the day but I can't have that at the moment. So, I did a ruthless tidy up of all the work surfaces in the kitchen  to keep them clear.

I made some more hot tea and then went back out to feed the hens their hot mash and give them fresh water. Compostman had already let them out, watered them and topped up the pellets earlier, after he came back from school. He also checked the rabbits and guinea pigs were ok at the same time.

Hens fed, rabbits and guinea pigs moved into their runs inside the polytunnel, I came in for a warming cup of tea.

After that, off out again to empty rabbit litter trays . I made sure everybody had water, food, clean bedding etc,collected the eggs and then came in for lunch.

 It was very cold out there!

 Then back out to clean out the hen houses and the small animal houses

and put down a pallet in the hen run and cover it with some straw so the feathery ladies have somewhere to sit, up off the cold ground. They seemed to like it

After shutting in all the animals I did a bit of sewing and had a cup of tea. Later after some tea for Compostgirl, we listened to her explaining why she had not done her reading homework and did not let her get out of doing it. We have spent the last 6 days reminding her it needed to be done so she had no excuse...so she did not get to play on her DS tonight. Sadly she was not best pleased with this and a long tantrum ensued, but we maintained a quiet but firm resolve....with cuddles as and when she would accept them.  But it was a sad end to a good day.

I did some tidying and de cluttering upstairs and sorted out the wet washing on the drying rack, also put away the dry washing into the airing  cupboard. Then I ate my evening meal. I had a chat to a friends on the phone and also went online to a forum I am a moderator for.

Later Cm and I watched a programme about the early days of the motor car and then I updated my blog.

A busy day, and with some sad bits because Cg was unhappy and got upset. But overall, apart from Cg, a good day.

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  1. What a great site you have. Enjoyed reading through. If you have any time please check out some of the things I am doing to turn coffee grounds into compost. Have used about 2 tonnes of it so far this year. Take care.


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