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Monday, 7 January 2013

Working in the garden

 Yet again it did not rain over the weekend, so we all got busy in the garden. Compostgirl gathered up a load of wet leaves and put them into the leaf mould bins, ready to rot down and make lovely soil conditioner for the veg patch.


Here she follows a fine old tradition of jumping up and down on the leaves!

The hens are still not too keen to venture far from us and tend to spend a lot of time in the barn, so I have put the Eglu house in there ( in case any hen wants to lay an egg) and also food and water for them.

For the last couple of months we have only been getting one or two eggs a day, and for the last two weeks less than a dozen a week but finally they girls are coming out of moult/winter darkness sulks and today we had three eggs! As one hen has given up due to old age, three are moulting and not laying that is 100% laying rate from the other three so well done girls :-)

Yet again we were rewarded with another lovely sunset :-)


  1. The hens hatched last spring have begun laying and we've gone from 1 egg every other day to 7 or 8 daily. An abundance of riches!

  2. That's exactly what we were doing yesterday, raking up the soggy leaves that is, although by the time I finished I didn't have the energy to climb into the leaf mulch basket and jump up and down!!

    We did overfill it very nicely and have enough over to give a good foot deep layer to both the worm beds (they are about 1m wide by 3m long), hard work but very rewarding, needless to say we slept VERY well last night.

    I'm currently getting about 15 eggs a day from approx 24 laying birds so I'm very happy :-)

    I'm looking forward to our first goose eggs in the next couple of months from Harry, Larry and Mo, and NO I'm not mad despite their names they ARE girls...lol!

    Sue xx.

  3. Nice to get some jobs done while the rains stopped! We did a bit of gardening today but with the little one there was only so much I could do!

  4. That's a lovely sunset. We only get one egg most days. Our Rhodes Rock lays soft shelled eggs and we don't always get there in time. When we do they are only fit for cooking with, not really eating as just eggs.


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