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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Teeth, face aches and a dull day.

Not a lot happened today, really. I have a dreadful cold and am sneezing and bunged up and with face ache again - I am really getting fed up with it tbh  and have done very little outside or inside as a result.

Compostgirl is being very brave as she had to have two upper pre- molars extracted yesterday evening  (to make room for other teeth) Poor thing, she couldn't eat or drink much last night and slept very poorly so had the morning off school (only the second time this school year) She went in for the afternoon period and stayed for her club after school, but I think will not be attending Guides tonight. She is being so very sensible about it all and I am very proud of how she is handling all this - I remember having the same thing done when I was 11 and it is not nice at all.

We have decided to get some new hens this weekend as it is my birthday next week - we need some reliable egg layers and much as I love the Ginger Gang I fear their egg laying days realistically are over. Not quite sure what breeds to get, yet  - I will have a think about that and a look at the website to see what is available. I want at least one White Star/Leghorn. though.

I am still looking for ideas for the redesign of the patio and garden and pool area - have a look at my Pinterest boards if you are interested in what I have found, so far.
This is the latest in my "view from my study window" photos. You can see the hedges have begun to turn green and the oak trees over the field are just showing buds now.

The Magnolia in the front garden is now in bloom - it looks lovely!

It is dull and gloomy but dry here at 6 pm - I think we will not see a fabulous sunset tonight as there is no sun. I need to go and water the plants in the polytunnel and maybe sow some more seeds - I did hope to get the onion sets in the ground today, but the face ache etc rather put a stop to it. Hopefully I will be better, tomorrow.

Have you all a good day? I hope so :-)


  1. Sympathies to Compostgirl with her teeth. Daughter's now two weeks into life without her 6 that were extracted, and can eat much better now. At least they heal quickly at their age. Sympathies to you too with your sinuses. Hope you feel better soon. How old are your Ginger gang? Our two girls are still laying reasonably well at 3+ years old and I'm wondering when we can expect them to give up?

  2. Hello there ;-)

    Many thanks for the sympathies - Compostgirl sends them right back to your daughter she says!

    My ginger gang of ex batts are now (thinks) 2 1/2 - 3 years old. but ex batts do tend to stop sooner than other hybrid hens.

    The main problem we have is thin shelled eggs which break, despite my feeding them the best possible, limestone flour laden etc etc diet - We get four or five eggs a day, but all but one will be smashed or break as soon as it is picked up.

    Will let the ginger gang retire and live out their life - and have new POL for egg supply.

    1. We do get the odd broken egg, but usually due to human error rather than chicken error :-). Ours aren't ex-batts so hopefully a bit more egg life in them yet...we haven't got a lot of room for retired chickens plus new ones; we'll cross that bridge when they really do stop laying...

  3. We have two white stars ( with funny floppy combs!) and they lay large, pure white, hard shelled eggs - the shells are so hard that it's best to use a knife to crack them! They really are Lovely birds. We also have hens laying at 6 years old. As you are free-range I bet yours do as well.
    Best wishes

    1. We have had several White Star over the years and yes they are funny birds ( funny haha as well as funny odd) Sometimes very odd and sometimes very friendly birds.

      Their eggs are always large, white shelled and excellent inside - which is why I want some more. Strange as they are qute a small bird, themselves! I think a White Star, some kind of Legbar (Cream would be good!) and a Rhode Rock or Bluebelle is what I will get. Maybe will get four rather than three!

    2. All mine have been called either Opal or Pearl. They are lovely birds :-)

  4. Hope you get to feeling better soon - and Compost Girl too! I understand bla days... we lost a very dear cat yesterday and so I had a bla day yesterday and today, too. I am ready for a whoo-hoo day, no more bla days. :)


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