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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Itchy eyes, car drives and award ceremonies.

Yet more of the dust and pollution around here still, although nothing like as bad here as in Gloucester, where we spent a lot of time yesterday.

We are looking for another car to replace the one Compostman is currently driving. He has had the current car for 9 years and although it is in good condition and is very low mileage ( see last post!) he would like something a bit more useful, younger and which does even better mpg.

Compostgirl returned to school yesterday, finally feeling better after a nasty virus which kept her off school for most of the week. As soon as she had left the house we set off to visit a number of promising car sales places, the first group of which were in Gloucester so a bit of an outing for us. On the drive to Gloucester we passed through farmland which last month was underwater and we could see where the plants which had been submerged for so long had died. It will be a difficult year for food producers I think!

I like Gloucester and was glad to see that the flooding; so bad when we were there last month, had largely gone away, although there was a huge tidemark of debris alongside the road and around the banks of the River Severn.

Anyway, we looked around and at every single car sales place we were given profuse apologies for the state of the cars - which were filthy with sand and dust. Of course it was falling from the polluted air and of course there was nothing the car sales people could do about it.

By mid morning my face was tingling and itching, my chest felt very tight and my eyes were running  - the air quality in Gloucester was obviously a LOT worse than where we live!

So, during a very busy morning we looked at a number of interesting cars, drove a few and got some ideas about what we do and don't want. We also did some shopping in the city.

We then had to dash back to Ledbury to attend a school assembly which included a special presentation to  Compostgirl  of the certificate commemorating her All Write 2013 competition winning entry -

The head of her house read out her entry to the assembled school.

After that in the early evening we went out as a family for a celebratory meal and then after doing the chores we all collapsed in front of the TV to watch Marvel's Agents of Shield. It had been quite a busy day!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, she was very pleased and we are very proud of her :)

  2. The pollution was really bad in Bath, which sits in a basin, too. But we didn't notice it here. Great that you got to go to the assembly and that you celebrated Compostgirl's achievement!


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