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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sweetie update! And an apology for not posting

***Apologies for no posts for a month, my computer died completely and Compostman has rebuilt a new one inside the case, reusing all the memory and hard drives so I got to keep all my stuff :) BUT it took some time. I have been up to lots of interesting things so I shall gradually post them up as and when I can - forgive me if it takes some time as this is a very busy time of year for me! ***

Great news! Sweetiepie the 8 1/2 year old ex battery hen is back in with her flock, back to being Top Hen and Hen in Chief again :)

She is laying 4 - 5 eggs a week, is generally causing mayhen around the place and is growing some beautiful new speckled grey feathers around the scab, where a month ago there was no skin at all. I am astonished at her recovery - and it just goes to show what amazing healing powers animals have.

She was apart from the flock for a month as she needed intensive care but she is happy to be back with them all :)


Monday, 6 July 2015

Sweetie at the Vets

9 am

Sweetiepie  is now at the vets, as she needs medical care beyond that which I can give. Hoping she survives the op and dressing - will find out later today.

12 noon

Well Sweetie has survived the op and is in hentensive care with lovely Tom the Vet and all the other lovely staff at Leadon Vale,

5 pm

Sweetie home and eating, pooing (lol !) and drinking Tylan laced water after having a dose of Tylan antib orally. Tylan, although not the best anti b for her condition, at least does not condemn her to a life separated from the others as her eggs would be permanently suspect to eat or sell . Baytril does that to hens and is why I had to kill Amber poppet my most loved hen, last year . I really hated doing that to her and vowed never to repeat it...

Also seriously impressed that Tom the Vet dressed her wound with honey. Will add tea tree to her dressing when I have to change it tomorrow .Also adding Arnica, Oregano and Nutri drops to her armoury of help :)Thank you, all of you for suggestions

Thank you also for all for the healing vibes - I am sure it will help and between us all will help Sweetiepie to get the very best healing she can have
Fingers Crossed xxx

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Needle felting workshop at blue ginger gallery with Celestine and the Hare

Fab day today at blue ginger gallery with Celestine and the Hare.  I made the white chicken to honour dearly departed Pearl Hen, sadly taken by the fox yesterday :)


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Another fox attack but Sweetiepie survives, again!

Rather sad as another fox attack took place today at 5 pm while I was just in the garden nearby. Ran to chase off fox but found Pearl, Aggie and Sweetiepie missing and their feathers lying everywhere

 Locked all chickens away - went out to do last check at 9.30 pm and found a badly injured Sweetiepie waiting to be let into the hen house.

 Have given her medical care and am hoping she survives tonight, inside in a cat carrier with a dressing on the extensive wounding

Sweetiepie is now 8 1/2 and is an ex battery hen who has been with us since 2008 - she has now survived 7 fox attacks. She is the top hen and the heart of the flock and I do hope she pulls through!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Tiny Robin update

Remember Tiny Robin? Who we took to be helped by Vale Wildlife Centre?

Not only did s/he survive,  but fledged and is now in the wild :)  So pleased!