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Monday 28 August 2023

A Broody hen, who I thought was past it!

Fleck Serama hen has gone broody, and was hiding in the ivy on top of the wall.

Fortunately she was only sitting on one, very old egg (we marked it and kept removing the new laid eggs)

Now safely shut in the top section of the double decker hutch she and husband Chancellor the Serama share.

 He's now downstairs, and NOT happy!

Fleck is at least 8 years old, if not older, and I thought was well past all this hormonal nonsense!


  1. I was in hopes that there would be some Serama chicks for a minute! Delightful little chickens, I wish I'd managed to get some girls to hatch.

  2. I hoped there might be some Serama chicks! Delightful little things, I wish I'd got some to hatch.


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