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Saturday 1 January 2011

A dose of reality for a New Year and the idea of One Big Chore a day

So. A New Year. 2011.

I don't do resolutions and all that stuff...if I want to do something I do it and I do it when *I* want, not on a certain date dictated to by the calendar/the media etc....

BUT this year I have decided to try to be a little more balanced in the way I work during 2011, so as to spread out my work load. Several friends have commented that I seem to do "a lot" and that maybe , sometimes, just sometimes, I overdo it a bit..(Moi? Overdo it? Surely not?)

Well, actually, yes I do. So much of what I do seems like fun, not work, so I don't notice how shattered I am until I have finished. I am not good at doing nothing and never have been!

But, I am aware that as I get older my health gets worse. My immune system is still pretty poor. I still have CFS/ME and although I am so much better than I EVER thought I would be, if I overdo things I suffer the consequences of days and days of fatigue and I seem to catch the weirdest illnesess...like the viral labyrinthitis. The fact that I am a Type "A" hyperachiever doesn't make resting up any easier, either. Lol.

So. I have to recognise these facts. I have to start pacing myself and factoring in some rest time during the day, so as to be able to keep on, keeping on.

So I am going to try to only do "One Big Chore" (OBC) a day, either outside or inside, depending on the weather. Obviously I have a family, a house and business to run and animals to feed etc and they need doing everyday, but apart from that I will try to do only do one chore which is the sort of thing that takes a couple of hours to do. Things like spring cleaning one room, or washing all the windows, or mucking out the MegaHenPen or digging out a number of compost bins and spreading the compost. BIG CHORES. You know the sort of thing.

Previously I would do One Big Chore (OBC)and then think "ooo still time to do ..." and get stuck in to another OBC, even though really I needed to go and sit down with a cup of tea for half an hour and rest. I also want, need to make time to do some of the craft things I so love.

Today my OBC was mucking out the Mega Hen Pen, composting all the stuff and refilling up the floor with bark. I also put down a couple more pallet patios for the feathery ladies and generally cleaned and primped the hen run. I had help from Compostgirl and later on Compostman , so it only took 3 hours rather than the usual 5.

And then I had a sit down, and a cup of tea and I wrote this post.

See, I CAN "do" resting and pacing, honest! :-))

I hope you had a very good 1st Jan


  1. This sounds like a very wise decision, CW.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Good for you. I like the One Big Chore idea. It isn't so bad this time of year- but yes, I've paid dearly for doing too many "big chores" on a lovely spring day.
    Have a splendid weekend.

  3. Fantastic idea there CW - hope you manage to stick to it!


  4. Great idea! Happy new year from one type A to another :-)

  5. I will gladly take some of your motivation off your hands. Kindly send them to the Central Plains of America, fourth trailer on the left. ;) It's a good thing you're taking time to rest. Viral labyrinth....something sounds bad. Really bad. Drink that tea and keep relaxing!

  6. Totally agree with doing things when you want and not just because its January 1st!!

    Good luck with the OBC and the relaxing. :-)


  7. Happy new year! I think that is a wise decision, too. think more of yourself and have fun. No matter when you decide it - everyone will profit.
    Tina in Germany

  8. I like the One Big Chore idea. Makes things more manageable.


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