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Tuesday 10 May 2011

Birthday present pole lathe

My birthday present from Compostman - hand made by him using mainly reclaimed timber from the house roof refurbishment OR seasoned timber from our own woods.

BEST PRESENT EVER! (apart from the Shave horse he made me, last year ;-)

Here seen as Bungee lathe, because it was raining outside. But can also be Pole lathe.

Have been playing with birthday chisels and getting a feel for turning wood on it. Also have to fell a few more trees as all our wood is split and stored and the hot weather has made it dry out so it is a bit hard going to turn!

Shave horse ( made by Cm for me last year) in use to make a blank for the lathe from a split Ash log.

A bit of stuff I have turned down from the blank in the above picture.

I hope to make assorted treen ( wooden items) such as cups, plates, and various ornamental items with the pole lathe, I eventually hope to make a chair and some really good bowls, but I think I need to practice, first!

But even making shavings is good fun.


  1. You are clearly a couple of many talents.

  2. You lucky Lady, i want one ! Are you going Sunday to GO? If so I will see you there.

    big hugs Babs xx

  3. Someone got high scores in Wood Shop class. ;)

  4. Babs yes I am there this weekend. Perhaps we will meet up?

    Just a Gal, he never even took woodwork! I thoink he is just a natural at all engineering stuff

    Karin, thank you :-) I think so, anyway ( well about Cm, at least...)

  5. Homemade presents are the best kind! Yayyy Compostman! Is it wrong I was checking out his butt in that picture? ;-)

  6. LOVE your blog. Great to see all the stuff you are doing, woodworking and composting (how did you make that film? -- so cool). We have a bunch of black walnut from a tree that had to come down, just waiting for me to sharpen my chisels. Your posts inspire me, as I haven't carved in years but want to return to it.

  7. Hi
    I never seen a pole lathe before. I have seen the electric wood lathes years ago in wood shop in school. This is way to cool!

    Makes me want to learn!



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