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Friday, 30 December 2011

Ex battery hens day 3 Fri 30th Dec

So, after the trip to the vet yesterday with broken wing and limpy ( why do I suspect those nicknames will "stick"? ) we started today with a couple of new routines..

Broken wing and Limpy having some food
Broken wing and Limpyin the nest box having a rest

In addition to the normal routine for the existing 9 hens in two separate house/run combinations (say hello, collect eggs, check food and drink and condition, later check for eggs, let out to free range, later still check for eggs, last thing feed high carb and protein food late afternoon, then an hour later shut in ( well before dark) and top up feeders and drinkers etc ..)

I now have the extra checking of 7 not so great healthed hens, including 2 who are really poorly.

So they need a lot more attention at the moment!

but...look at them doing proper hen stuff, after only 36 hours of freedom!


  1. Awww, they look happy. It must be very satisfying to rehab these hens.

  2. We have an absolutely beautiful and fully feathered hen who is called "Oven Ready" because that is what she looked like last July...


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