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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Cars and compost and stuff

So we managed to decide on a new (to us) car for Compostman - it is lovely, Compostman went and collected it yesterday afternoon and I have been ordered on pain of serious marital disharmony NOT to fill it with straw, compost bins etc... how long do you think it will stay pristine?

We have been married for 29 years so I am banking on a bit of mess not instigating Divorce papers.

We shall see.

New (ish) to us car is a BMW touring - lovely rear wheel drive again at last - both Compostman and I do not like front wheel drive cars - must be all those years of driving performance and racing cars! RWD does handle so much better :)

New car has very good fuel efficiency and low RFL as a result, nice interior with various luxuries such as mp3 etc - you can tell our cars are a bit old as we find this luxurious! Also it has lots and lots and lots of lovely space inside,  for  

 straw bales, tarpaulins, FS tool bags, compost bins, chicken food etc  

 bags of shopping and lots of really nice clean stuff. LOL.

 I had a surprise delivery today in the post - addressed to The Compost Bin ( I love it when that happens!) This time there was a postcode but sometimes I have had stuff get to me with just Compostwoman and Ledbury as the address :)
Anyway the parcel contained some Gardeners Hand Treats to review,  from Heathcote and Ivory.  A proper review will follow later in the week, but the products smell divine :) Lets just say my hands are lovely and soft and clean and sweet smelling, now ;)

Finally here is the view from the Study window for early April - blue sky  ( at last! ) as the pollution has finally gone away for now. The yellow is oil seed rape so more pollen loaded misery will come soon for me  :( Personally I loathe OSR - the pollen and then the horrible smell when it goes over, before harvesting . Ah well.


  1. We have friends who demand "you will not smoke in the new car" but filling with straw and compost bins made me laugh x

  2. My version would smell better, at least.

  3. But surely if you line the boot space with a tarp all will be fine...........!

    1. I would have thought so...we shall see! :)


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