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Wednesday 15 October 2014

Celestine and the Hare at Monmouth

Last Saturday we  had a day out, all three of us. First to Malvern to go to the Archery shop and buy all sorts of goodies; a new bow bag for both Compostman and Compostgirl ( early Christmas and birthday presents respectively) and then back via Compost Mansions ( and some lunch) to then head into Wales to Monmouth

The reason for our outing was to see Karin of Celestine and the Hare at work in   New Leaf Gallery in Monmouth

Lots of her wonderful felted creatures were on display

Snoozy Dormouse.

Norty weasles!

The gallery was holding an exhibition of all things wool as part of the WOOL  Tactile Textile Exhibition.

- lots of different fibre based items for me to sigh over :)

I love this Swan Queen. She was sold, though

Amazing woollen fabrics on display

And some wonderful wet felted pictures.

Karin at work on her latest creation. it was a bundle of white roving at 10 am :)

Compostgirl got to hold a very special nearly made, Mary and Emily's sister. She does not yet have a name :) Wonder why ;)

We also went into Rossiters bookshop  - wonderful place :)  As well as having a quick peek into the Savoy Cinema :)

 Back to say farewell to Karin.

When we left the gallery the creature Karin was working on looked like this

By 7 pm that night it had gone from this ball of roving

To this. (photo Celestine and the Hare) Ta da! A Reindeer!

At Karin's recommendation we went off for tea and cakes round the corner at The Potting Shed

A very interesting, very quirky cafe and garden centre in the middle of Monmouth.

lots of tools

and lots of beautiful china

And a fabulous display of seeds to buy - a work of art in itself

The potting shed part :)

We walked down to the river and saw these beautiful Newfoundland puppies (!)

We walked through the gate house on Monnow bridge.

Then it was time to drive home. A good if busy day out :)


  1. What a great day out! Those felted creatures are lovely

    1. We think so :) And maybe there will be one under the tree with Compostgirl's name on as a Christmas present ? Who knows ;) A very special present, if so :0


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