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Monday 24 November 2014

Crickhowell outing - with Tigers and Weasels and Bears and much choklit...and with Jackie Morris and Celestine and the Hare and other friends :)

On Sunday we all had an outing :) Compostman, Compostgirl, Betty Sloth Bear and me :)  After archery at Mordiford we drove over the border into the Land of My Fathers, more specifically to lovely Crickhowell in Wales.

We had an excellent lunch at The Bridge End Inn and then wandered up the hill from the riverside to the even more excellent and very lovely bookshop Book-ish.

Where Jackie Morris and Karin from Celestine and the Hare had been holding court since mid morning.

They are twins, separated at birth and by time, space and different mothers *grin*. They were wearing matching faux fur hats (from SpiritHoods) and matching jumpers (no idea where they came from but I loved them and want one  :)  )

Panda, Mary, Emily and assorted weasels caused mayhem. 

We had such fun in Book-ish - it is an excellent indie bookshop and we loved looking around. Tiny, but perfectly formed and with space for a passel of norty weasels re enacting nursery rhymes :)  Emma, who owns it , was lovely :)

I bought some books which Jackie Morris and Nicola Davies signed for me :) The Promise is lovely and published by Walker Books

Lord of the Forest
is simply beautiful. As was the beautiful little drawing Jackie did on it, along with her signature :)

Compostgirl went on a much needed choklit  run to Black Mountain Gold Chocolate with lovely publisher Janetta Otter Barry.

I also bough some more Wentworth jigsaws  - they are wonderful and the 40 piece ones make great stocking fillers :)

I may also have come away with another Celestine and the Hare felty creation.  No idea how that happened *whistles innocently* Meet Tiger Tim :) He came home in my bag :) Rarrrh!

We also had a wander around the ruins of the Castle :) before heading home :)

Jackie has just had a piece published in The Guardian "How to draw a panda" and it is lovely :) Go and try it for yourself :)

As always a delight to see Jackie, Karin and we made some new friends, we met up with Jules who blogs here and is lovely. She now has a Norty Weasle of her own ! Good luck with him Jules :)


  1. This has been such fun! And I am so pleased to have met you Sarah. I've put your blog on my reading list!

  2. The jumpers came from the shop at Whitesands Beach!! Thanks lovely.

    1. Ooh off to see if I can get one as they looked lovely :)
      Whitesands Bay is beautiful :) But then all of Penbrokeshire is wonderful :) Want to return home and live there, again :)

  3. Lucky girl! I only seem get to see my friend Jackie at Art in Action in July. Wish I lived closer. :D

  4. What a fun time!! Hope you are OK and just very busy in the run up to Christmas:)

  5. I have been sooo busy sweffling - have several posts to publish which I need to get out there ! I also have been laid up last week with a bad back - lying down for a few days as well :( better now though. Thank you for asking :)


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