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Tuesday 8 September 2009

Busy with new chickens...

Hmm seems a bit dusty in here, are those cobwebs?
Sorry for not blogging lately, its a very busy time of year!

But...I really wanted to post up some photos of the new chickens! Well new-ish, as I have now had some of them for 3 weeks.

Bluebelle ( a Bluebelle),

Bunty (Rhode Rock)

and Mac (Sussex Star)

are (now) 18 weeks old and still just babies. They run around and flap their wings in a comical fashion when I let them out into the Orchard in the morning.

Ginger and Nutmeg (formerly Bunty) are now thinks 22 weeks old.

They are ISA Browns and very tame and friendly! Ginger has started laying but Nutmeg has not, yet.

Pearl the Leghorn is 26 weeks old. Pearl lays white eggs and is a bit skittish.

I went on a "Kill, pluck and gut" course last weekend at Cotswold Chickens, where I met up with a number of friends from the Omlet forum, and as well as bringing home a dressed chicken and a plucked chicken and a kilo of sausages I made, I also came away with 3 more pullets (I have no idea how the carrier got into my car ;-) )

Cinnamon is a Goldline

and together with Ginger and Nutmeg makes up The Spice Girls. The three have become friends and roam around getting up to all sorts of mischief!

The other two pullets, Cocoa

and Treacle,

are Black Stars, very pretty and gentle.

Broody Ruby Dorking is still sitting away, but I may well have breaking news about her soon.....


  1. Oh how exciting & how lovely your new girls look! The Black Stars in particular look very pretty:-D

  2. Love chickens - loved finding your blog!

  3. What a lovely lot of chickens. We saw some pretty ones on holiday in Guernsey. I think they were Black Rocks or similar. Would your Rhode Rock be the same breed by a different name? They also seem to be called Black Rhodes by some.

  4. Then again the Black Stars look very much like a Black Rock, too.

  5. So many lovely new girls to get to know. Looking forward to hearing all about their individual antics as they grow....Now tell me again how did that carrier get into your car!!???
    Just waiting with baited breath for that breaking news....
    With Love, Jane xxx

  6. I've never seen a chicken with coloring like Bluebelle's. It almost looks like she's wearing a pharoah's headpiece. Striking.

  7. Given the course you went on, are Ginger and Nutmeg feeling nervous?

  8. See next post for eggciting news!

  9. I recognise those chickens ;)
    Very pretty - all of them!

  10. Ha ha Lewis! hello ! (Lewis caught my Black Stars for me at Cotswold Chickens)

    Karin Black Stars are the same as Black Rocks, Rhode Rocks are Black Rocks crossed with a RIR cockerel....so a bit more RIR like...Black Rocks lay Maran coloured brown eggs, Rhode Rocks are lighter but still brown...

    and Blubelles ( RIR x Maran) lay plum coloured eggs....


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