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Thursday 10 September 2009

More "chick pics"

More pictures of the chicks from today.

The one with the spot on his head is the last one to hatch, who I had to help out the most....and guess what? he is a cockerel. The other two chicks are little pullets though :-)

See this one looks different? She is a little pullet. I can tell because Cream Legbars like many breeds are auto sexing on hatching, so the colour tells you what sex the chicks are. The black stripe tells me this is a female. Ruby Dorking ( in the background) looked just like this eggactly a year ago.....

Funny how life goes in a circle, isn't it?


  1. Beautiful!!! Thanks for posting the videos. They were amazing.

  2. Ohhh they are so gorgeous, and Mum looks so proud!!!
    Just love your photographs!!
    Love Jane xxx

  3. Love the pictures! I feel clucky myself just looking at them. Your posts are starting to make me wonder if I should breed my own. I have ISA Browns, just for eggs, but have been thinking about getting about 4 more hens.

    I will see how things go at your place first before I make up my mind!


  4. Gavin if you are going to breed then don't go for Dorkings if you want eggs...as although they make great broody mums their eggs are quite small and as they are broody SO much of the time, they don't lay very often!

  5. Oh my goodness they are adoreable! Well done you guys. Xx

  6. Oh what gorgeous little darlings! It must be very satisfying knowing that you helped them into this world. I'm incubating some eggs at the moment & can't wait for them to hatch.:-D


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