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Wednesday 30 December 2009

Busy busy busy...ouch...

Have been very busy here, despite having a bad back to contend with...

The run up to Christmas was very difficult for me, as I couldn't go to either CG's carol concert OR take her to the school disco...but my lovely CM stepped in and took over, leaving me to rest and recover a little.

I managed to make some Christmas decorations

and also some salt dough figures.

Then we had the sadness of Kitty cat being put to sleep ( see previous post)

However, once the school holiday started we had various friends around to visit, both ours and CG's, so much fun was had by all and we all felt a bit more cheerful. We also had the snowy, icy weather to contend with, with mixed consequences.

On the one hand it made the garden and wood look enormously pretty, the wood especially was like something out of Narnia. And at least the ground lost its swamp like consistency....on the other the hens disliked the cold snowy weather enormously and spent most of the time hiding in the lean to, waiting to mug me for any food on offer.

No 1 Cream Legbar chicklet(must think of a name for her!) contented herself with fluttering up onto my shoulder at every chance...warming her feet I think!

Christmas Day itself was lovely,

Our Beef multi rib was delish, falling apart it was so tender, but rare in the middle and really juicy..mmm...roasties, Yorkshires etc all perfect, and a lovely bottle of wine to go with it..

Dr Who..was..excellent I thought, and then we had fun singing our hearts out ( well CG and I, anyway,) to a Wii Sing disc (from Santa) which she was most surprised to see me belting out Blondie and Meatloaf hits in tune and on time, without looking at the words...

Our lovely cats Tom and Tabitha have decided to become lap cats, which is nice, and with the wood burner going 24/7 at the mo we were all so all cosy!

The decorations and tree were (I think) the best we have ever done and I even managed to tidy up properly beforehand! ( but the Study is a mess...full of stuff I "tidied" into it......!!)

All our presents were lovely, CM got me 40 more hens ! but before you all panic, they were for Save the Children, so he is happy as he doesn't have to deal with them...and I am very pleased by the gift! I have the Sookie Stackhouse novels to read, on which the C4 series "True Blood" is based, so am v happy as we both enjoy watching those programmes.

CM also got me the "Victorian Save All" book which is fascinating and full of good stuff....as was seen on "Victorian Farm" recently.

Boxing Day was quiet but fun, we played/read/used/listened to our respective presents and went for a walk in the wood in the snow. I did the hens etc, and we all settled down to watch Cap't Jack Sparrow on the TV with cats on our laps.

Sunday was going to be more of the same.....but then *I* managed to fall over backwards on the lethal slick ice whilst on the way to feed the hens...landed flat on my back and have made it much much worse....

So...have been laid up in bed for a lot of the last few days...instead of getting on with cleaning out the polytunnel and planting stuff, I am reading my new Sookie Stackhouse books and doing a lot of lying down.

CM has volunteered to do the routine outside stuff, as he says I am not safe to let out....(!)....he has a point....

Oh well..rest and recuperation is the order of the day now, hopefully I can get myself mobile enough to get to the chiropractor again.....

Hope you enjoy the selection of photos from Compost Mansions over the last week or so.

And that you all had a good festive season!


  1. Oh no, what a way to end Christmas. I hope your back gets better soon. Let CM spoil you rotten over the New Year! x

  2. The ice has been so dangerous this Christmas - I must admit, I'm really nervous about driving on it after my skid a couple of weeks ago!

    I hope your back feels better very soon - and good CM for helping out with all those chilly outdoor jobs. My hens are seriously sulking about the weather and keep trying to sneak into the kichen for a warm!

    Willow x

  3. Oh dear! I pulled my back a few weeks ago and spent quite a while recovering. Let yourself be taken care of- it's one of the few chances we seem to get!
    I love your Greenman ornament. You are quite the artist! Have a peaceful, restful New Year.

  4. Hope the New Year finds your back on the mend!

  5. So glad that (apart from the fall) it sounds like you've had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year to all at Compost Mansions and I wish you all the best for 2010.

    Mrs C x

  6. Hi there, I just found this blog and love it. You are very similar to me in that what we want to achieve you are alerady axchieving!! Even the homemade Christmas decs were like the ones I made the 2008 year!! This year I bought my huby a beer kit so that we can make cider. We live in wine and apple country and the apples that go to waste astonish us so much so that we have always dreampt of using siome of them to make cider.So this is the year!! i look forward to reading more of your blog (my next insomniac night_probably tonight.Again.
    love to you
    Crafty cherry


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