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Wednesday 3 March 2010

like Alice, I have tumbled down the slippery, whirling, twirling rabbit hole again.....

Just to let you know I am v poorly, have labyrinthitis, ( vertigo, nausea, photophobia, blinding headache - hence the "Alice/Rabbit hole in the title)

It came on with a vengence on Sunday, after bouts on and off last week and I was so ill I got carted off in an ambulance to A and E Monday night. Fortunately they let me out Tuesday morning, with drugs to take for it.

Am back at home now but spending the day on virtually total bed rest, looking at a blank wall in a darkened room is the order of the day. Am on drugs to reduce sypmtoms ( but not by much) which give me maybe an hour a couple of times a day where I can eat, see ok to read, type etc.

so am taking advantage of the current "good" spell now, to send a couple of important emails about cancelling work, and to let you all know what has happened.

Thank you for the kindly comments and emails I have already had but I am really not up to answering them at the moment - I hope you can all understand why?

Don't worry, I will live, but its not much fun being me at the moment!

Will come back when I am able.


  1. Oh bless you - I know you probably can't read this but commisserations. Time to plug in the CDs if you can. Do take care.

  2. Yikes! I hope you feel better fast!

  3. Oh dear, poor you, it really does sound unpleasant. Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

  4. Aw Take Care hun HUGS xxxxxx

  5. Oh dear, how miserable. Get well soon!

  6. Sending you HUGE HUGS my dear!! Wishing you a speedy recovery...
    With Much Love, Jane xxx

  7. Hope you feel better soon. I had labyrinthitis once about 3 years ago - not fun! I hope it does not return in future.

  8. Dean (sparhawk)6 March 2010 at 21:38


    I do hope you are getting better now, & make sure you take the time to get better too, a couple more days now would be much better than a couple of weeks later when spring is sprunging...

  9. poor you - horrid disease.. i had it last year.. and in fact.. heard it was 'going around'.
    dunno bout that - but i know how rough i felt. hope your world steadies soon.

  10. Oh you poor thing. Shall keep you in my thoughts. Hope you feel better soon.

    Cheers! Karen. Qld Australia.

  11. Finally something I can help you with! I have this - it comes and goes and I have been given drugs and meds and other stuff but lately I have heard about something that I am going to pursue. They can do a procedure to correct the position of these little crystals in your ear and clear it right up! My sister had it done, and it worked! It's like physical therapy and who wants to take drugs when you can make it go away with a maneuver of your head! Don't know whether it is available where you are, but worth asking your doctor. You can look it up on the internet. Good luck to you!!!

  12. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=103463398

    Here is an article about it. Worth investigating!

  13. RP, thank you for that, I have been trying the Epley manouvre and that is one of the reasons I have been forcing myslf to get up and move around, despite it feeling dreadful.Bed rest and dark is well and good initially and also when I am feeling ill, but it needs to be mixed with moving around or it takes much longer for the brain to clearn how to compensate for the problem.

    I have viral labyrinthitis, not bacterial, so it isn't goingto "go away" quickly and I need my braine to work out how to deal with it!

  14. Oh dear - I do hope you feel better soon.

  15. Am sort of back in the land of the living BUT still a bit wobbly..

    so blogging is one of the things which has to "give" at the moment I am afraid....

    I am ok ish..and back growing and gardening and wood working stuff and working and studying,but with not much time or energy left over for blogging!


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