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Monday 28 November 2011

Looking at JCB's...!

we have been looking, recently, at JCB's ..it is my idea as we have various serious land work which needs doing - involvomg lots of digging out and earth moving - I worked out that the work we needed doing would cost us as much with a contractor as buying a JCB, so I said " why don't we buy one and do it ourselves, but in our own time rather than clearing trees etc to the contractors timescale? ..." 

Famous last words...
so ...we have been looking at JCB's and, as they hold their value well  - hopefully we can sell it on when we have finished with it..well that is the plan, anyway.
So today we drove up to Birmingham to look at a very promising 3CX JCB in really good condition, for a very reasonable price.

Watch this space ...


  1. CW,

    How about renting it out after you have finished using it, it would remain an asset & if marketed properly would earn its keep... Think of all those lovely ponds it could make!!!


  2. Hi Spar!

    we actually did buy it...I posted about it but Blogger ate it so am having to re do the post...

    great fun to won one though, a huge toy to play with as you can imagine!


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