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Tuesday 12 June 2012

Refreshing my Wormery with Bakefield Worms Compost Booster Kit

Sharp eyed readers will recognise this bag as something I was given at the end of my visit to Bakefield Worms in May

 It contains a bag of worms, worm cocoons and the vermi compost they live and grow in.

Here is my Can o Worms - a Wiggly Wigglers product which I actually got off Freecycle.

The kit is very easy to use - I simply opened the bag of Bakefield compost/worm mix and tipped it into the bottom tray.

 See the worms!

 Babs tries to get to the worms in the top tray - but I was too quick and got it off her before she could eat any ;-)

Wormery put back together, just waiting for the lid.

Babs is disappointed she can't get to the worms...

The bag contained a good quantity of compost worms and cocoons so I am hoping it will replenish my wormry.

The Bakefield Wormeries web site says

Compost Booster Kit
Produce your own vermicompost

A dozen UK bred mature, vigorous composting worms.
500g cocoons, hatchlings and vermicompost selected from our own established, healthy, production beds.
Especially formulated to rejuvenate existing compost systems and wormeries and to give a boost start to new systems.
And it was certainly a very easy kit to use.


  1. I have a worm bin that I keep in my kitchen because the cold & heat here is too much for them outside. The worms just love the scraps and make lovely compost for my greenhouse herbs!

  2. Love to keep the worms going. Really an ideal system for small gardens and patios. Free worm wee for all the plants!

  3. I'd love a womery ..you chickens seem to like it too ;0)

  4. Don't chickens just love worms. I can imagine Babs was very disappointed.


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