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Wednesday 13 June 2012

A wander in the garden...

 Ok, so it FINALLY has stopped raining , here!

So I went for a wander around, to see what everything looked like.

 First stop is a very special patch of grass next to the polytunnel...any idea what might make it so special? I will tell you later on, if you can't already guess :-)

Out into the wood,to look at the compost bins

and to let out the hens (hello, girls, )

I spotted this as I wandered around the top of the wood - an Early Purple Orchid, with Bumblebee feeding.

 I went down into the wood where it was cool and very damp - raindrops fell from the trees overhead and the Jays chattered at me.

Back up to the garden, to check on the veg patch - all very soggy! I have loads of plants waiting to be put into their final positions but it has been SO wet I have not been able to put them out - am hoping that the weather improves enough in the next few days to do something about the plant backlog

The Broad bean flowers are very pretty

And finally, back to that patch by the polytunnel - have you guessed, yet? Here is a clue.

Can you see? In the middle? 

Yes! it is our very own four ( or five, or even six) leaved clover patch. Very handy to have around before exams :-)


  1. Your garden seems to be doing well, Sarah. Not sure if it's all down to your four leaf clover or the rain and your hard work. ;-)

    I love the colour of your broad bean flowers. What variety are they?

  2. Karin, believe it or not they are called "Crimson Flowered Broad Beans" !

    They produce very upright, small pods packed full of small tasty beans :-)

    They are Garden Organic Heritage Seed Library specials.

    Thank you for the kind words about my garden - after another 3 days of torrential rain it is all looking very bashed about I am afraid :-( -All the tall flowers are on the ground and the long meadow grasses and daisies are flattened.

  3. That is a very imaginative name, but they are a lovely colour. I'll bear them in mind for next year. It might be worth joining the Heritage Seed Library for.

    Our garden is a bit worse for the wind, too, but mostly it's the slugs that have caused the damage. Not a great year for gardens, but it's amazing how much is surviving.


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