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Saturday 2 February 2013

Refurbishing the compostbins part 1

As you all know we have a lot of compost bins of assorted make and style and we make a lot of compost.

 My favourite bins are the "New Zealand" style wooden, slatted bins, so easy to put together and so easy to dismantle and re errect, as needed.

Mine are all from The Recycle Works and I got the first 3 bins as part of a discount offer from my local council, back before I was even a Master Composter or anything - I think in 2003... certainly it was well before Compostgirl started pre school in 2004

And now some parts of those original compost bins have reached their use by date...and need replacing.

The ends have rotted away  from some of the planks

Some of the centre posts have broken up


And generally they need a bit of tender loving care and some new parts to restore them to splendidness.


  Now, the good thing about these compost bins is that you only have to replace the damaged bits! You can buy the individual posts and planks from The Recycle Works so it is very economical to repair them

So today we started to dismantle the compost bins, so as to see how many parts needed replacing.  This, of course, meant moving the finished compost from out of them, so we could take them to bits.  Which meant I had to find a place to put all the aforementioned finished compost...

Fortunately I had a cunning plan...I had a waiting raised bed which needed a lot of compost putting in it, to fill it up, ready for planting potatoes in the next month or so.

As we dismantled the compost bins we found some of the centre posts had rotted where they touched the ground

And some of the boards had rotted through or lost their end plates.

As always, we had company while we worked, both of the feline

and the chicken sort! The chickens were going mad to get to the worms we were exposing.

We got the bins dismantled and the area cleared, ready to sort out those planks and posts which could be re used and those which were too far gone and would need to be burnt.

The wood is not treated, apart from a paint on water based, animal, insect and bird friendly stain, so I think to survive being buried deep in compost for around 10 years before finally rotting a bit  is impressive indeed.

Today was cold but gloriously sunny and we really enjoyed being able to get outside and do something

More tomorrow  as we put the new planks and centres together and re fill the bins - fingers crossed the weather holds out.

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  1. I only have two compost bins which are made in the same way as yours, it is so easy just to remove the slats when you need to empty it. Looks like you have yourselves a lot of work replacing and repairing your woodwork, it's an ongoing job isn't it.


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