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Friday 3 May 2013

Rocket Gardens delivery # 2

 The second delivery of my Constant Garden arrived from Rocket Gardens this week.

I was sent an email at 7 pm on the evening of 30 April letting me know my garden would arrive in the next 24 - 72 hours - in fact it arrived at 9.30 the next morning so less than 24 hours after dispatch!

As I effectively still had 48 hours spare before the latest delivery time, I decided to leave unpacking it until today so I left the box in a cool, dark place - away from prying hens!

Rocket allow for delivery times of up to 72 hours from dispatch , and indeed you can leave the plants for up to 24 hours after delivery, before they need planting. So in theory the plants could last up to 4 days from dispatch to planting. I am not sure I would want to risk leaving that long, though!

I unpacked the box - lovely hay packing as usual

 First layer of plants -

 All the plants were very healthy and strong looking, and still with moist root balls.

 Four layers of plants and straw later I had excavated them all and got planting!

 I am still preparing the raised beds where these plants will end up growing so for now I have put them all in multicelled trays to grow a little larger.

And of course the packaging is fully compostable :-)

In the second delivery of my small Constant Garden I received  the following growing baby plants:

  • Mixed Lettuce x 15
  • Red cabbage x 5
  • White cabbage x 5
  • Savoy cabbage x 5
  • Beetroot x 10
  • Perpetual spinach x 10
  • Leeks x 10
  • Wild rocket x 10
  • Rainbow chard x 10
  • Onions x 20
  • Peas x 1
  • Chives x 1

  • Carrots x 20
  • Sage x 1
  • Thyme x 1
  • Rosemary x 1

  • The Carrots plants were not sent as they have had issues with transplanting them so I received a packet of seed instead, also the Sage, Thyme and Rosemary plants are delayed until the next delivery due to the poor weather we have had recently.

    I am very impressed with these plants - they are a good size and look beautifully healthy. I can't wait to start eating them !

    1. I sowed some of the seeds you sent me today. I'm hoping they will go into my new bed down our drive.

      1. Ooh which ones? I hope they grow well for you, anyway :-)

      2. Both of the climbing French beans, the radish and little gem lettuce.


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