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Thursday 13 February 2014

RIP Babs Hen.

Babs died today – she came through her moult in December, and seemed fine with a beautiful new set of glorious ginger/copper/cinnamon feathers, and she seemed in good spirits despite the horrible weather.

Babs one day after rescue. She and Bunty were in the same rescue crate  together when we got them, two years ago.

A year ago.

But then Babs started looking a bit droopy a few days ago, so came inside the house for tlc and love and special treat food. She seemed ok, eating, drinking and chatting away to us and the cats. She was a little disinclined to move around though, and stayed in the cat carrier bottom, which was temporary home.

But then she finally went downhill yesterday evening and was off her legs early this morning.

So, after gently stroking her and telling her what a good hen she had been. I
gave her a quick end.
Very sad, but she had two years free from the cages and had a good life here with us 

RIP Babs, gone to join Bunty, Tiny, Titch and Ginger.


  1. Aww poor thing :( sorry she has gone..

    Will you be getting another? x

    1. Hi there

      At the moment I have 6 chickens, non are ex battery hens now but yes I will be getting some more in the Spring - whenever we get one!

      the other girls are lovely as well and are laying lots of eggs for me :)

    2. Aww thats good, at least they won't be lonely :)

      Thank you for popping over to my blog also x

  2. aww your poor little hen, at least she had a couple of years of happiness.

    1. She had a very good life once she was rescued :)

  3. She filled out so beautifully with you. Hugs.

  4. I'm sorry to hear this but glad to know you've given her a good life. As an update, we've got hens! Sorry, I tried to call several times, but I just did a lot of reading up from your blog and took the plunge. We've got four girls in the garden, I'll try and send some photos :)

    1. i am so glad you have some and that the blog was helpful! But am sorry about the phone - I tried your number a few times but just got an echo-y void...?

      Will try again as our phone plays up when it rains a lot as the underground cable gets drowned!

  5. It's always a little sad when an animal that you have cared for dies but its a great thing to take rescue hens and give them a good life after the terrible start they have had. We used to have rescue hens when we lived in the UK and they were such characters. Our hens here in Spain have not been rescued... well in a way perhaps they have, not everyone treats their animals as well as we do.

    1. I agree and i think your hens would have a very good life with you :)

      I love your blog and must have a longer look around when I have a moment :)


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