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Saturday 30 August 2014

Tour of Wales Day 2

(Sorry this post is a bit delayed, it got eaten by Blogger four times and then somehow went into draft form)

Apologies for the number of photographs - well actually no, I will not apologise as it was such a glorious day I think you will like seeing them :)

Up after a good night sleep, I had a really good breakfast at The Ship Inn, had a wander around Solva and looked at the harbour and then set off out for the day.

I drove along the coast road to St David's and went to the glorious Cathedral for a wander around.

These are the ruins of the Bishop's Palace.

Then I headed back to Solva Woollen Mill

for the Felting and Painting session with Jackie Morris and Karin from Celestine and the Hare

Tiger ( who I cuddled a lot) Emily Bear with Mary bear hiding behind the chocolate

I have blogged about both of these incredible women before. Jackie is an artist, author and illustrator and Karin is a fibre artist - both are amazing and creative and really good fun to be around :)

Sleepy felty Doormouse in a tea cup

A few very lucky people ( including me!) got to listen to Jackie reading aloud her newest story, still in the creating and absolutely wonderful to listen to.

as we sat in the sunshine next to the slowly turning water wheel. Solva Woollen Mill sell all of Jackie's published work, the books are signed and they do a mail order service.

Solva is a working woollen mill and it was fascinating to have a look at the machinery in action.

Solva also has two beautiful cats - here is one

I went back inside, to drink more coffee with a new friend (hi, Di!)  and to chat some more with Jackie and Karin as they continued to create the most wonderful things.

Karin demonstrating needle felting

while Jackie practised her "world domination" pose with a visiting cat.

Norty weasels were around in the displays ( inside joke - go and look at Celestine and the Hare's web site and you will understand. Actually, go and have a look and buy something - it is all wonderful!)

Especially in the chocolate display!

Nearly finished art work - wonderful


Karin with a Mary's sister bear

After a wonderful afternoon I purchased lots of lovely things from Anna in the Solva shop and then finally had to leave (they were closing!)  - heading back to the coast to sit by the sea and enjoy the sunshine and peace and read and crochet in the sunshine.

A meal in the pub at Solva, a call to say hello to family, a shower and then I watched the first episode of the Peter Capaldi Dr Who, before falling  into bed to sleep.

A wonderful day.


  1. I love the felty doormouse. Must make some time to needlefelt!

  2. Lovely photos. Thank you so much.


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