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Tuesday 9 December 2008

RIP Oliver Postgate.


A little part of my childhood has just passed away. I grew up on the TV programmes of Bagpuss , Pogles Wood, Ivor the Engine , The Clangers and Noggin the Nog. I am saddened to hear that the co-creator of these gems of TV has died.

I still love them, the music, the charm and whimsy and the good AND darker side of story telling they portray.....from a gentler, more kind, less consumer driven children's TV...

I introduced Compostgirl to Bagpuss a few years ago, she loves the DVD and has a Bagpuss soft toy, much cuddled, on her bed right now. He came with a singing Charlie Mouse, my favourite character after Bagpuss himself ( "we will find it , we will bind it, we will stick it with glue , glue , glue...".... was my favourite mouse song, closely followed by the "we will wash it..." song)

If you are not familiar with these gems, listen and enjoy....

Rest in Peace, Oliver, you gave us much joy and laughter and I am SURE someone who produced so much joy in children's hearts has gone to a happy place.


  1. I loved bagpuss. Todays tv leaves alot to be desired.

    And from the above disclaimer (at the top), I hope someone hasnt left any unsavory comments.

  2. Hello SoL..

    I love Bagpuss....

    and as for the disclaimer, I have had a few comments recently, as you know! I had an email complaining that someone's chutney didn't work.....and another one about something else I had posted on here....

    Do you think it sounds a bit...forbidding/offputting? or something? I wasn't sure about putting it up, and tried to make it as kind as possible, whilst doing its job!

    I used to live in a house with Artex ceilings, walls and even a Door...so I sympathise with the scrapped knuckle issue btw!

  3. Ah...I had re jigged the disclaimer but it didn't seem to have "taken..."

    so now its fixed....!

  4. Oliver Postgate will be sadly missed but I am quite sure his memory will live on for many more years to come.
    I passed my love of Oliver Postgate onto my daughter who is now 28, she adored Bagpuss (still does!!) and would sit enthralled whilst it was on TV when she was much younger. I am quite sure she will pass her love of Oliver Postgate and Bagpuss onto her children.... as will many others.

    Love your disclaimer CW... I think it makes it quite plain and yet very nicely put.. its a shame one has to resort to this though... just cannot believe how moronic some folks can be... ah well... you have many followers that love you and your blog (as I do) and will continue to follow your blog with great enthusiasm!!
    Love Jane xxx

  5. Thank you Jane, :-)

    I have now got the top posting as a welcome and a disclaimer in the sidebar...I was a bit taken aback that someone moaned about the chutney..as *I* made some nice jars from the same recipe...but there you go, there is no pleasing some folk!

    But thought I had better stick in a disclaimer notice, just to be on the safe side...don't want any vexatious litigation!

    Have decided to do my ironing mountain tomorrow whilst watching the Bagpuss DVD...it hasn't had a viewing for ..oooh ..at least a month!


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