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I am a Master Composter and have spent more than a decade as a volunteer Community Compost adviser with Garden Organic and my local Council.
I'm a self employed Environmental Educator so I run workshops and events where I talk about compost, veg growing, chicken keeping, cooking, preserving and sustainable living. I also run crafts workshops and Forest School/outdoor play sessions in our wood.

We try to live a more self sufficient lifestyle here, as best we can, while still having a comfortable life and lots of fun.

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Sunday 21 December 2008

A Yule present!

I posted on Friday about making seasonal gifts. Well I have been given one of my own :-)

As you know I am a follower of Rhonda Jean's blog Down to earth and also the Simple Green Frugal co-op blog which she is a part of. Her blog is inspirational, informative and so warm and well written.

The co-op blog is more of the same! Lots of wonderful authors writing about, as the name implies, being more Simple, Green and Frugal.

and *I* have been asked to join! I was frankly quite flabbergasted when Rhonda invited me to join, I wondered if she has got the wrong person by accident? But she DID mean me, and I am deeply honoured to accept the invitation.

So...if anyone new to my blog has come via Simple Green Frugal, a VERY warm welcome to you all and I hope you enjoy what you read on this, my personal blog.

Hmm, so I wonder what my first post on Simple Green Frugal should be about?


  1. I found Rhonda Jeans blog a few months ago, she is a wonderful lady, so full of wisdom and shares it through her blog. A lot of her philosophy is mine too, I just wish we had been able to have the opportunity to have our own 'good life' we do the best we can with our allotment.....self sufficient for most fruit and veg during the year, and due to my upbringing during and after the war, make do and mend has been my mantra. I will look forward to reading your posts on the Simple, Green,Frugal Co-op.

  2. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy being a contributor - and you deserve the recognition. I just wanted to stop by to wish you the Merriest of Christmases and the Greenest of New Years. You have brightened my life this year and I am grateful for you.

  3. Thank you all, and thank you especially Rodeo Princess! I am flattered to have brightened up your life with my ramblings.

    Seasons greetings to you all :-))

  4. Well done you!!! I look forward to reading you there. Tell me, are the girls going to have their part to play as well. Merry Christmas.

  5. Margaret I ceertainly hope so!

    Seasons Greetings and I hope you are feeling better now?

    Cw xx

  6. Hi & Welcome.
    Found you via Simple Green Frugal. Love the blog.

    I'm in Hereford, I'll keep a lookout for you if there are Composting days in High town.

    Merry Christmas


  7. Hi Kim!
    Thanks for visiting...

    My next "compostwoman" outing is at a Swap shop in Hereford in Jan 2009....or a lecture in Feb in Hereford...so keep watch on this blog and I will give more details when I have them..... ;-)

  8. oh that marvelous news,well done!Happy Christmas to you all
    GTM x x x


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