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Saturday 14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I am very happy!

Lovely Compostman gave me a very wonderful (and somewhat unexpected) Valentines Day gift today...

"The Victorian Farm" book of the BBC TV series!

and the DVD of the archaeologists previous "living in a past era for a year" called "Tales from the Green Valley" which I completely missed when it was on TV, as I was quite ill all that summer with M.E and other stuff, and remember struggling just to get through the day and go to bed early, not stay up and watch TV....

So I will be able to finally watch it!


I AM a lucky lady! (and its a good job I had got him a lovely gift, as well)
We have been married for 24 years at the end of March, and have been together for more than 25 years, and he can STILL surprise me :-)

I hope everybody else is having a good day as well :-)


  1. That's gorgeous hon - warm fuzzies to our lovely, thoughtful men.

    I'm glad your dh can still surprise you; that's so important to me in my relationship as well!

    Enjoy the rest of your day and enjoy the book too.

    Mrs g x

  2. Ooh! What wonderful gifts! Sounds like you have a keeper : )

    Have a wonderful day!!

  3. What a nice surprize and how thoughtful, aren't our men so amazing sometimes...:)

    My gift today was a new necklace with a garnet (my favorite) and diamonds. Very nice...

    Have a great time watching the DVD!


  4. Lucky you - I had to make do with a funny Valentine email from a friend in Oz and extra hugs from Ben as Simon is in England this week.

    I have just commented on another blog about the Victorian Farm book, wondering if it had more recipe info than the tv series - both for the food and household stuff. If so I might ad the book to my birthday present list.

    Rosie x

  5. He IS a nice man! ( and yes, a keeper, definately!!)

    Rosie I shall look through for recipes and report back asap :-)

  6. Mr CW is a very lovely, thoughtful man!! you have a treasure their CW!!Hope you had a lovely day?
    With Love, Jane xxx

  7. I did Jane, thank you....we did a lot of work ouside in the garden and then watched some recorded TV programmes, with some wine and a nice fire.

    Am achey today though as we have been pruning stuff all day......

    Hope you had a good day also?

  8. I also missed TFGV,I was astounded & couldnt work out why,its exactly the sort of thing I adore lol! then I found out it went out n autumn 2005 ah a the penny dropped,the smalls were born in july 2005...come autumn I would have been well in the thick of twin baby madness eating & sleeping when they did & doing nothing else lol!!!
    I got the dvd a while back its great :o)
    GTM x

  9. Ah yes GTM, I think that IS probably why you missed it ;-)

    I am looking forward to watching, haven't had a chance to yet, the weather has been so good we are outside working all day to catch up with stuff we couldn't do with the wet and then the snow...need to fell trees NOW for log store, before they start to sprout lol and start to dig over the early spud patch etc...
    ..and too tired to do much except eat and sleep in the evening...
    I think I would nod off in front of the TV at the mo....


  10. What lovely, thoughtful gifts! We celebrate our silver wedding in a few weeks time :)

    Thanks for the further 'share' info you put in my comments over at my place today. I'm just about to update today's post with the info and will put a link back to you as well.

  11. What lovely thoughtful gifts. I missed Tales from the Green Valley too - think it was in our pre-iplayer days! I'd be interested to hear how it compares to Victorian Farm.

    Spent our Valentine's Day on the Malverns - lovely to look out over the Shire!


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