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Friday 6 February 2009

Not wanting to come out....

Hmm...looks a bit cold out here!

What do you think? Can we eat it?

Well, I'M not going out there!

No, no way, not going out.

Ginger "Do you think she will come out at ALL today?"
Cathy "I don't know?"

Nope, still not coming out!


  1. Oh bless them!! My two are getting a bit fed up with it all too ... Treacle is quite adventurous & wades out in the snow, right up to her frilly knickers! Honey, on the other hand, is a bit scared by it and doesn't venture very far. I'm a bit worried that their crops don't feel very full by the time they go to bed - lack of juicy worms to gobble down probably!

    Willow x

  2. Ha ha your picture story made me laugh so much, its very much the same here with my girls. They really are sulking with this weather and refusing to lay too.

    Im currently trying to get another large enclosure erected in time for some more hens that I am expecting in around a fortnight. I cannot do anything in this weather so its going to have to wait for now.

  3. LOL that's so funny..
    you know their feet has got to get very cold, I'd stay indoors too.

  4. Bless them!
    Great photos.
    Ours don't seem to mind the snow, still happy to keep rooting around under the trees.

  5. Genghis Hen ( the "no way" hen in the picture) finally ventured out today..
    all the others have pink, cold feet and spend lots of time standing on one or other leg....

    I had 2 eggs yesterday, as a result I guess of the snow, but today was back to 6/6 ...and hens who hoovered up all the hot food I could provide!

  6. Hilarious! I loved your imaginings of the minds of your hens :-) I remember doing that as a child with even inanimate objects (pens, dishes, etc) and thinking up what might be going through their "minds" as I went about my day using them.... now with your hens, they have those great personalities to add to the fun!


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