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Saturday 21 March 2009

Cat update....

This post is for all the cat lovers out there in the blogosphere, who have wanted to know how the Compost Mansion cats are doing.....here they are in the regular place they sleep in during the day..in Compostgirl's bedroom....

Sidney the lovely puss

Tom Kitten ( nearly Tom Cat, now..) and his sister Tabitha Twitchett

I think the answer has to be...very well indeed!

Kitty Cat was asleep by the Aga, downstairs...he is too senior to join in with huddles on the sofa in Compostgirl's bedroom....he stays in *his* special bed by the warm Aga.....


  1. They certainly look happy. Have you found their behaviour has changed over the past week? Ours have, they are out and about more often and a lot more hungry. Spring has certainly sprung for our moggies.


  2. Thanks for posting these lovely pictures - Tom & Tabitha look so sweet curled up together ... my lot would never do that (unless they were really chilly!) - there would be all sorts of fighting & rolling about - usually started by the juvenile delinquent, Leo!!

    A very belated Congratulations on passing your course too - fantastic, & such a reward for all your hard work. I've just handed in my NVQ 1 Horse Care folder - it nearly drove me insane towards the end!!

    Willow x

  3. Ahh...pookies! Yours look like reasonably sane and endearing felines. Mine are hell on wheels...

    Do you want to trade?

  4. Hello there :) I just popped over from the SGF Co-op site - you have a nice blog here :) And very pretty cats, also. Nice to see someone else blogging on these topics from the UK!

    I will be back no doubt, I am going to pillage your archives now for intersting reading, mwahaha....



  5. They look so happy. What lovely piccies, thanks for sharing :)

    Lucy. x

  6. Hello all...I have noticed all the cats are very active now, and then VERY sleepy!

    They are eating loads and playing all over the place..I get ambushed from behind every shrub and wall, it seems :-)

    Even poor old Kitty Cat comes out to sit in the sunshine and watch us work!

    I had Tom sleeping in my arms yesterday, I sat down with a cuppa for 5 mins , he jumped up and went to sleep!

  7. Aww they look so sweet, ours would never sleep like that, more kill each other!! but they do tend to take over all beds, chairs, sofa's in fact any place that is warm and comfy.


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