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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A cautionary tale

Today I rubbed down 2 hop bines and harvested the dried hops. Kitchen smells delish, I have sticky yellow fingers and was nodding off in an impossible to ignore way this afternoon......

woke up later on.

Memo to self, when picking hops , wear a mask and gloves. And do it in a well ventilated , large room, like I see around here a lot. They are called Hop Barns. They are big buildings, With big open doors and very high rooves........I rather think they might just be like that for a reason......

Can testify that my hop pillows WILL work, though ! Personally tested by me.....

Felt like I had taken a powerful sleeping pill.

Which, of course, effectively I had... Rolling Eyes


  1. I'm always learning here. I didn't know why you would make a hops pillow before...now I get it.

  2. oh look at all that lovely fresh hops!

    yes, ventilation! hope it was a good rest. :)


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