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Sunday 31 October 2010


The end of the old year and the start of the new year.

I have walked in the wood today and watched the leaves as they came whirling down, broken free from the tree by the wind to land on the ground and slowly return to the soil.

I caught a leaf as it fell through a shaft of sunlight and made a wish.

I spent today outside, tending to my plants and animals and family, weaving the threads of love and nurturing around them all to make them comfortable and secure.

I shall sit by the fire tonight, with candles lit, and think of all my loved ones, my friends and family, animal and people. Those I still see in life and those who have gone on before me.

Wishing you a thoughtful day.


  1. What a lovely post! You evoke so much love - for the woods and environment and for your family and friends, both living and no longer with us.

    BTW, my use of the word 'family' does, of course, include the furry and feathered.

    Thank you for making me pause and reflect!

  2. Hello Annie! Thank you for the compliment and I am glad you liked my post.

    I DO love my world, the woods, the wildlife and my friends and family (yes furry and feathered)

  3. looking through again before closing down. Happpy New Year to you all there and blessèd be. This has been such an intense one for all friends I have known. We are facing a difficult cancer and case of being caught up in a romantic fantasy with someone who's been plucking her and the family feathers for some time, just come out. It's been too long since she read her Molière and King Lear, it seems. Hard to see such uck and the moves needed to to tackle the situation with justice and tough loving kindness, brings on deep personal work, I presume the reason it was created in our lives, to clear out in the year's passing, uproot the rotten and put down new good seeds for the future.
    Your blog is lovely, just a passing note to wish you well for you and your family's new year.
    If you ever come to Tuscany around Siena, use my email and drop by to say hello to " la cantante" and friends. I think that's what these things are supposed to be for also, no?
    Merry meet..
    , , , < Tuscany>

  4. Merry meet gabrielle and thank you for posting.

    Hope the New Year is better for you and yours.


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