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Monday 5 November 2012

Frugal soup

One of the things I did manage to make this week was a big batch of veg and lentil soup.

Peppers from the polytunnel featured in this soup, as I used up the mis shapen or slightly damaged ones from the big basket I harvested..

I used a couple of onions and some tomatos - the last from the polytunnel -  a few very limp bits of celery , a courgette which I had left on the plant and it got nibbled,  I also used up some slightly stringy beans, which I stringed using my magic bean stringer thinamajig, cut up very finely and simmered first until tender - so I could check there were no stringy bits in them BEFORE I added them to the soup - I HATE bean strings!

They were not stringy :-)    so in they went to the pan, cooking water and all.

I then added a couple of handfuls of red lentils, and a tub of stock made from the last chicken we had roasted for dinner. All this was boiled up and then left to simmer and turn to delishousness

We ate 3 huge bowlfuls between the three of us, with home made bread, we had 3 more portions for lunch the next day AND I froze 12 portions.

I calculated that the ingredients cost me less than two pounds, maximum - and that is at organic veg prices! but I did allow for them being in the "reduced" section of a shop - rather than at full price - because that is where they would have been.

18 BIG portions of organic lentil and vegetable soup for less than two pounds

I love home made soup :-) I could happily eat it every day I think


  1. The soup looks & sounds delicious. I made lentil, sausage & kale soup a few weeks ago. But, we ate it all over a 3 day period.

  2. Mm Your soup sounds wonderful! Can I come over next time you make some?

    I have some smoked and unsmoked sausage and I have 4 sorts of Kale in the garden - so maybe a recipe would be nice?


  3. SNAP .....It would seem we are all on a mission to turn all our veggies into soup at the moment.

    Yours sounds (and looks) wonderful.

    You really can't beat a big bowl of soup on a cold November day can you.

    Sue xx

  4. Good stuff! I made a soup recently which was similar awesome-in-a-cup, rather thinking I need to do that again - but I really need more freezer containers to store the leftovers and stock. Frugal-soup is win!

  5. Hiya Sue, Oya's Daughter :-)

    We had more soup yesterday - a different veg soup made by Compostman - no tomatoes so a paler but no less tasty version.

    A bowl of soup with some good bread and butter is my favourite lunch :-)

  6. That sounds absolutely delicious, and you can't beat the price!


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