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Thursday 15 November 2012

What I have been up to recently

  As you may recall, I have been slowly learning to crochet. Recently I decided to crochet a rag rug.

I have loads of old, worn or holed cotton tee shirts, which are no good for charity donation, so I keep for making rags. I had a look and sorted out some in bright colours to make into cotton yarn

 I cut strips about an inch wide and tied them together.

because the fabric is 100% cotton all the trimmings can go in the compost!

And then I started to crochet... using a 15 mm crochet hook

As you can see, it is going to be a good sized rug! It keeps me occupied during these dull wet days where I can't do much in the garden.

I will keep you all posted as to how I get on :-)


  1. I want to learn how to do this? I have a whole bunch of old flannel shirts that I'm 'collecting'.

  2. Hello DFW and welcome.

    I made a foundation chain of about 75 stitches - I just made it as large as I wanted the width of the rug to be - and then I used UK Double crochet in rows, back and forth, - it is about 4 feet long now and VERY colourful :-)

    The knots merge in with the holes in the crochet loops and it feels fine under foot, and I am very pleased with it :-)

    Hope this helps you to get started.

    Flannel shirts would work for this I think, as would fleece ( spin polyester type) blankets - they can be found very cheap in charity shops here so I am going to make one of these as a cat bed, next.

  3. Ah - me too. But, I've been dyeing old tshirts and cutting them up, I've not yet got to the crocheting bit.

    One tip I can pass on - you don't need to knot the strips as you can cut the material into a continuous strip.

    eg http://www.craftpassion.com/2009/05/recycle-tutorial-making-of-t-shirt-yarn.html/2

    There is another way of doing it where you cut from the left then cut from the right too, but I think this way gives better results.

    Also, if you have a rotary cutter (as used for patchwork) it makes very light and quick work of it.

  4. Just found a better tutoirial...


  5. Good on you! Crochet is pretty easy-peasy, I'm brushing up on more intricate work - let me know if you need yarn! LOL. Still spinning plenty.

  6. Oyas Daughter, I have been doing more detailed crochet as well as the rug - pictures will follow in due course :-)

    BW thanks for the tip, I was actually doing that as well as knotting but I was using some parts of the t shirt where I could not cut in a continuous length.

    I hope the knots don't spoil the final effect, though!

  7. I just recently started crocheting, and this sounds like a great project! I'm in the middle of granny square time now, but this is going on the list for next. Yours looks great!


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