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Saturday 22 June 2013

Busy in the garden doing...stuff.

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So today I started out with some mowing

but then the belts jumped so I had to stop. Compostman fixed it for me :-)


Compostman then got out the Allen Scythe and cut a path through the flower and hay meadow area.

The-place-where-the-greenhouse-will-be-one-day looks very lush with wild flowers;

I have seed bombed that area

and today I seedbombed this area

Ginger hens menacing Pearl ( the white pullet)

but they sorted it out peacefully in the end and shared a dust bath

My summer, outdoor potting bench :-)

I got a lot of plants potted on

HSL Asparagus lettuce. Note the arty late summer evening side lighting

The Cucamelons are thriving in the porch, as are various peppers and aubergines which are waiting to be planted out in the polytunnel

and yet more composting

I hope you have all had a good day :-)



  1. You have been a busy bee.. And you had sunshine.. it's been miserable here today - windy, chilly, rainy - more like autumn than summer :(
    Julie :o)

    1. Its like that here today, Julie :-( never mind I can get on with some sewing :-)

  2. It's all looking good Sarah. I've never tried a Seed Bomb, are they good? I'd love to set up a wild flower area in our next place and this would be an easy way of starting it off I guess, if of course I got the right sort.

    1. Hi Sue :-)

      Seedbonbs are great for places where you dont want to walk into, especially. I also like the way they have a lot of seeds in a little chilli flavoured ball, which stops the naughty hens from eating the seed!

  3. I've never even heard of seedbombs lol. Looking forward to seeing how they progress.
    I meant to have a go at Cucamelons this year but never got round to it, have you grown them before? I'm wondering what they taste like?

  4. Not tried them before but they seen easy enough - just the same as other cucumbers. Will report on the taste if I get some to try :-)

  5. Busy garden times. Looking good. Great to be having some decent weather at last.


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