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Tuesday 26 November 2013

RIP Bunty Hen

RIP Bunty Hen, another of our rescue ex battery hens who lived a life longer outside the cage, with us , than in it. You can read about how they came to us here.

Here is Bunty ( on the right) with her very best friend Titch. Titch was very ill in this picture. It was taken the day she got lost in the wood and, after I found her, she then came inside the house to be nursed for the last 10 days of life. The other hens went out to feed but Bunty stayed with poor Titch and preened her and crooned at her.  These two hens ( plus others, now sadly departed) were in the same rescue crate together when we got them and stayed the very best of friends the entire time they lived with us here.

Once Titch died on 2 Nov Bunty rapidly went into a decline, not ill, but just winding down. I hesitate to say she was missing her friend, but I do wonder if she was, even though she still had Babs and the other girls for company.

She got very cold a couple of days ago - it was a biting wind and she just stood in the open, not bothering to move to shelter so I brought her in for some warmth and special feeding and cuddles - she perked up the next day and was much brighter and her last day was spent dozing in the sunshine and pecking at Blondin the Cockerel, to teach him his proper place.

But as the sun went in today she had a seizure and was obviously dying, so I helped her out of this life. Sad, but needed to be done so she did not suffer.

RIP Bunty Hen, gone to join her best friend Titch.


  1. Sorry to hear about Bunty. Helping them along isn't pleasant, but it's the kindest thing you can do. She's a lucky girl to have soent such a large part of her life with you,

  2. In her case it took very little effort :( as she was so weak :(

    I did feel I had done her a kindness, though.

  3. Alas... We had a similar situation where one of our hens died and its "best friend" just seemed to peter out and die a few weeks later. She was never the same after the first one died.

    All that said, I enjoy reading about your chickens (and everything else). Thanks for sharing!

  4. You are so kind to give them a second chance at a better life out of the awful cages. What a terrible thing to have to do but it was the right thing. Bless you. X

  5. What a kindness.
    We lost our last rescue last week. I found her dead in a laying box (she had been sleeping in it for a few days, so it was no surprise)


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