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Monday 20 January 2014

Some grumbles to myself while hiding under the duvet.

Anyone else fed up?

More rain.
More issues with Blogger.
More broadband problems.
Treacle the maybe pullet is now crowing. So is a Cockerel. And has reverted back to being named Creosote. So I will have to re home one of them.
Tax return.
Family problems.
Washing having to dry in the house.
Muddy shoes and boots.

Too cold to work even in the polytunnel - no sunshine to warm it up a little and make it bearable in there.

I am so fed up, full stop.

Thank you for listening.

Roll on February!


  1. Bad weather has finally hit us here too. But at least we had time before it started to rain to get the area ready for a lorryload of cow muck to be delivered this week. So you know what my boots will be clogged with once the rain stops.

  2. It has taken a turn for the worse. Never mind February, roll on May.

  3. I try to remember that the days are getting longer while I fixed the chicken pen gate that the wind tore off the hinges. Sigh. It's all ice here.

  4. I feel your pain, mud , mud, mud here too!

  5. {HUG} Here's to February!
    Barbara x

  6. All my feels. We were out of power for the weekend, and thankfully I had a camper stove but ugh ugh ugh. Child braved it well but agreed, let's get some spring-time happening!

  7. I do sympathise! We have at least a foot of liquid mud inside the field gate at the moment. Constant wind and rain, the leeks have been shredded, But the days are lengthening perceptibly and shoots are sprouting all over. The snowdrops are about to open even at our height, 750 feet, and barring severe ice and snow in February things are looking hopeful. Take care and hugs. Have emailed you!

  8. Naff weather does bring about the blues doesn't it, we could cope with all the mundane things in life if the sun would just warm us up a bot.
    Doesn't look like we're going to sun the fire in the sky anytime soon though :( so stay under that duvet!


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