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Saturday 4 January 2014

The passing of time and the start of wisdom?

Today when Simon the Postman arrived I was called to the door to sign for a recorded delivery letter.

This makes my heart sink, as in the past for me it has nearly always heralded some sort of bad news ( a death, a parking fine, some legal issue  - that sort of stuff ) Only occasionally has it been good stuff ( like the recent arrival of my Food Hygiene certificate, following on from my Outdoor Food Handling Course)

Anazingly today it held a substantial ( well it was by my standards) cheque and a gold wedding ring - a bequest from my late, much loved Aunt Betty, who died a few months ago.

This triggered an interesting discussion with Compostgirl about inheritance laws, burials, funeral rites, my jewelry box contents, our family tree and the Arts and Crafts movement.

Not sure what I will do with the money but I am NOT using it to just pay everyday bills - I will use it for something special, something I can look at or experience and think about and remember my lovely Aunty Betty, who was a Mum to me after my Mum went into Hospital when I was 11, never to return to me at home again.

After all this, as I had my jewelry box open I sorted out a lot of silver and gold jewelry ( with Compostgirl joining in) which I DO NOT want to keep as they have nothing but unhappy memories for me, and I am going to sell them for what I can get and buy something I do value with the money.

At nearly 52 years old I have finally decided I am not going to keep stuff that makes me feel uncomfortable or unhappy. Despite who gave it to me and however much I loved them, once.

Is this the start of wisdom? I do hope so :)

Part of my letting go of the past in 2014 process


  1. Getting older is a strange business: in some ways rather like being a teenager in that one needs to find oneself again after years of fitting in, doing the right thing, being responsible etc etc. And part of that process I suppose is the letting go of some things and focussing on what feels right to keep. I hope you do not find the process too painful and that it gives you a lighter, happier feeling afterwards.

    1. Yes, I do feel a bit teenager-y! And yes I do feel happier for making the decision to sell the stuff.

      The jewelry was from my first husband and also my step mother - she in particular I do not have happy memories of, so why have I kept stuff she gave ( with my Father) as presents? No good memories attached; not stuff I either wear or like, been in the box unworn for 15 plus years - so I shall sell it and buy something nice with the money :)


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