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Saturday 6 June 2009

Belated birthday present.....

But oh so well the waiting!

LOOK at what lovely, lovely Compostman has made for me :-)

A new hen house!

Hmm now what to call it.. the other wooden house is "Cluckingham Palace" so what should this one be called?


  1. I think Blogger ate my comment.... Just wanted to say well done Compostman for such a great present! I'm bad at naming - but I'm looking forward to seeing the ultimate winning decision.

  2. Blimey, it looks like a professional job. Well done Compostman, what a wonderful present!

    Paint it white and call it The White House? Sandr-egg-ham House? Egg-inburgh Castle? Hen-field House? Palace of W-egg-minster? The Pent-egg-on?

  3. Wow, that IS lovely. Nice work, compostman! It seems we're all getting homesteady birthday presents. I got a rocket stove; Julie got a cheese press; and you got a new hen house. Happy birthday to all of us!

  4. So sorry to hear you have been so poorly... hope you are feeling much better now!! Wish I lived nearer I could have popped in and given you a hand!!
    Love your gorgeous new hen house... a delightful residence for the girls... I am quite sure they will love residing in Eggington Mansion!
    With Much Love, Jane xxxx

  5. In keeping with the royal residence theme, how about;

    Peckingham Palace - as a twin to Cluckingham Palace

    Eggmore instead of Frogmore

    Chick House instead of Clarence House

    Than a few more that spring to mind

    La Casa de Pollo Loco
    Hen Haven
    The Chicken Shed
    Pecker Head Palace
    Cirque de Poulet
    The Chick Inn
    Red Roost Inn
    Chicken catch a torie
    Banty Shanty - though it looks too nice to be a shanty really

    Ahh I could go on for ages...and probably will :)

  6. I'm sorry, I tried, but I couldn't come up with a clever name.
    I'm curious, how many hens will this coop house? I like the look and the simple design. Esp. the ease of access for egg gathering and cleaning. Very practical! Good job, Compostman!

  7. It would have to be Sandringham Palace of course. What a wonderful job he has done. I think it is brilliant. Sorry I haven't been commenting much since I saw you but since I have been home the garden has kept me outside and sky internet has been playing up big time. Hope you are all well.


  8. Looks fantastic. In fact, I'm tempted to move in myself... :)

  9. What an excellent looking hen house, when do you move in??

    Must send a link to Mrs Soggy, she's thinking along the same lines (no, not putting me out there, well I don't think so)

  10. Hens moved in 2 days ago...they LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    And the nest boxes are bigger so 2 can sit side by side.....

    Daft things.....!

  11. Wow that is one very smart hen house, lucky hens I say!

    Karen x

  12. Nice Henhouse. Do your chickens free range? I didn't see a fence. My Dad's friend had one on wheels, with a portable fence. Each year he'd move it and plant his garden in that spot. The fence would then go over the remnants of the garden at the end of the season for the hens to clean up.



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