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Saturday 20 June 2009

Solstice tree spirits

Some tree spirits I have made in the wood, to honour the Solstice

The Green Man

The Summer Lady.

I had fun making these in the wood. They are made from our own clay, squidged by my own hands and they are up in trees at shoulder height, facing each other, as you enter the log circle.

I hope they last for a while...


  1. They are fantastic and look like really good fun. I've got a little green man, which I bought at a fair ages ago. He's actually now turning a shade of green thanks to the lychen or whatever it's called.

    I just wanted to share some belated thanks for the Welly and Jelly Library idea that you mentioned on my blog a while ago. I shared it with a friend who wanted to do something for Recycle Week and she loved the idea. So thank you so much for the tip, she really appreciates it and next week is launching her own Welly Swap :-D

  2. Oh Mrs A that's wonderful news about the wellies and jellies!

    Tree spirits/mud faces/mud models are really easy and fun.

    dig some clay ( or use bought modelling clay which ELC sell)

    and make stuff!

    have fun.................

  3. I was thinking when looking at your tree spirits of the folk who have been making their own for thousands of years in England. It is a strange feeling to think of the long tradition you are caring on.

    Happy Solstice


  4. Solstice blessings to you, Margaret and Mrs A.

    I lOVE Green Man figures, I have several in the house as well, and I like to make them in the wood, to put on trees as protection.

    This one has both Oak and Ivy as decoration ( I coudn't find any Holly close to hand..so used Ivy instead.)

    It was lovely and peaceful in the wood this morning, I watched the sun come up and litened to the birds and mused on things.

  5. How fitting and just beautiful. I have several old ones I hung I bet 15 years ago. They are covered in moss now but each year I add fresh flowers of the season.

  6. How fitting and just beautiful. I have several old ones I hung I bet 15 years ago. They are covered in moss now but each year I add fresh flowers of the season.

  7. Brilliant! They're wonderful and appropriate.

    Wishing you a very happy Solstice.

  8. They are lovely! I love Green Men... I collect ornamental garden ones, I pick one up at Tewkesbury Medieval Festival every year. But lets face it.... they're not as nice as yours ;)

    I hope the longest day of the year shone brightly on you! (or at least that it didn't rain.)

    - Sera

  9. Solstice blessings!

    Sera I had a lovely day, I watched the sun rise on Sat AND Sun AND Mon, and listened to the nightingales every night till dawn....

    Today I have had 30, 4 and 5 year olds in the wood, making mud faces which they left to guard the trees in the wood...story telling, den building, dancing, singing and sitting round a campfire...

    Most of them left their mud faces around the 300 yr old Oak in the wood, who I view as the guardian of the wood...and the children seemed to agree!

    Oh we DID all have fun! ( and I gtt paid to do it , as well....so even better!)

  10. Wow, I wish I saw some of these in my local woodland! Great work and a really quirky idea!


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