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Friday 12 February 2010

A day training as a Fire Marshal.....

Off on a Fire Marshall course today.....

Somehow I bet the weather changes and these were the two lovely gardening days, and then, when I am around again, the weather turns bad?
CM doing things in the loft and garden, CG last day at school before half term ( gulp)

Later on....at 5.30 pm

Am back from Fire course, now a certified Fire Marshal, so have a silver star on my chest and am armed and ready to rock and roll with an extinguisher....if this blog catches fire, I will sort it out!

Course was held at Anubis at Eaton Bishop, they are really good and excellent trainers who make all this stuff memorable, in a fun way.

Spent some time putting out pretend fires ( a large stone obelisk obliged by pretending to be the fire...) with all sorts of different types of extinguisher...Simon the Firefighter was brilliant and very kind and patient with those who were a bit concerned........he also took us in small groups into a smoke filled ( synthetic, safe to breathe...) room and we had to find our way out...glad I didn't have to do it for real as it was very unpleasant...

I am even more admiring of Firefighters, tbh...the idea of deliberately going into a building/situation, where you can't see for smoke and burning bits of stuff fall on you...to rescue total strangers...hmmm.......I might be brave enough to do something like that for my loved ones ..but I sure as hell don't think I am made of the sort of stuff to do that as a job....

Priority now is to shower and put ALL the clothes I was wearing in the wash....All my SMOKEY clothes from today smells disgusting, synthetic smoke is much worse than nice woodsmoke....yuck not an alluring smell..... .

Mastercrafts on TVtonight at 9 pm BBC2 Monty Don and heritage Crafts........lovely!


  1. Well done again CW!! Perhaps a good dosing with a fire extinguisher would get rid of Mr or Mrs Fox!!
    Love Jane xxx

  2. Oh my hubby would love this. How could I find out if there are any local ones?

  3. Nice dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

  4. We would like to see an annual certification for fire safety required before a hotel which serves alcohol can get a trading license or insurance – similar to the way we need an MOT before we can get insurance or a road fund license for your car.


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