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Tuesday 2 February 2010

Of foxes......

6 pm ....Saw Foxy just now...grrr...chased it off by shouting....going to lock in hens asap.

managed to shut in Legbars yesterday but cockerel not having any and is still feral, up a tree all night....

It has been suggested I shoot the fox but bugger all chance of doing that I suspect, don't have suitable gun, so instead have got male large carnivore ( CM) urine being sprinkled along the fence, and am watching what is going on generally during the day, but if s/he (suspect she) can leap OVER an electric fence ( as happened Sat), I am a bit stuffed (and so will s/he be, with MY blardy hens!)

Don't have or want a dog....so apart from keeping the hens shut in the runs all day (not a great idea!) am a bit stumped as to what to do.....

The Fox was a beautiful animal though, really well groomed and glossy..
That would be due to being SO WELL FED, I guess.....

Oh well, Fox is just being a fox.....

I have been asked about shooting the Fox ? I only have an air gun for squirrels etc so have nothing which would kill a Fox ...even if trapped in a cage IMO...I don't think a .22 air gun pellet would go through a Fox skull, even in the eye?...guess one would need a .22 rifle? And not sure I want to, tbh

Really wouldn't feel comfortable about attempting to shoot a fox , even at point blank range, with a .22 air gun as would not want fox to suffer at all, even if the bugger DID eat my hens!

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