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Monday 1 February 2010

Paper crafting workshop for grown ups....

Monday night, car loaded up with paper craft stuff, card blanks, stuff to make envelopes, the paper and paper fabric and papercasts the participants all made last week...

Had to iron some of their paper as it was a bit thick and had dried crinkly, but have sorted it all out now!

and the stuff to make up tonights project, which are A5 notebook covers, which are then filled with A5 paper to make a note book...

I got some wonderful wallpaper sample books ( 3 very expensive books!) from the scrapstore and have spent a very nice afternoon making up cards and notepads and books, some as examples, some as future stock.

The envelopes look amazing, though I say so myself...I have used various nature magazines and some wallpaper as well, picking out wonderful pictures, and made beautiful lined envelopes which I will use for my cards, and they look ...wow...

Even CM thought they were good, and he is usually unimpressed by such stuff....

Must have shower before I go though, and get changed into clean, paint-y clothes, rather than clean, gardening clothes....

Couldn't get onto the RSPB site to upload my BGBW results...it was too busy

Update at 11 pm.....Late in from paper crafting workshop ( 10 pm...!) so sat on sofa, drank wine, watched Kirsty Young on social history of UK and went to bed. Slept well, but not long enough..


  1. I'm fascinated as to how you line the envelopes?

  2. Hello Sue!

    You make the envelope from a template ( I use one I made from an old envelope!)

    and then you make the lining from a contrasting paper, using an EVERSO SLIGHTLY SMALLER template ( I trimmed a little off a duplicate of the template I used for the outer...)

    and then a dab of glue and put it inside the outer envelope and HEY PRESTO! You have a lined envelope!

    Does that make sense?

    you use two sheets of paper, one on top of another, one plain one patterend, glued together and then cut out the envelope for the outer template, and put it together....

    and when it is glued up there is an inner and outer side....

    They look lovely..I will try to sort out some pictures of it all....!

  3. Thankyou for the explanation, it's how I figured it might be & easier than the lined fabric envelopes (fastened with vintage buttons)I made to hold the Xmas "gift vouchers" I gave my step-daughter for a days dog sitting, a loaf of home made bread etc!!

  4. My pleasure!

    I have found the fabulous wallpaper sample books from the scrapstore make wonderful outer enverlopes and I line the inside with contrasting tissue paper...also from the scrapstore.


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