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Wednesday 24 February 2010

Stop the world, I want to get off!

My world is whirling and twirling and the floor is moving up and down in a very odd way...

I think I have some kind of inner ear/ balance affecting virus.

Will return when I can see the screen, without feeling nauseous.


  1. Please go have it seen to! It sounds like something is definitely playing up, and rather know than worry.

    Do take care

  2. Have you been to the Doc's yet? An infection in your foot, and now you are feeling really crappy is not a good mixture. Even if one isn't related to the other, having them both at the same time won't help you get better. Maybe some Anti-Bs are in order?

  3. Bless you, I really hope you feel better soon. You've really gone through it recently!

  4. Bless you, I really hope you feel better soon. You've really gone through it recently!

  5. oh no! get yourself down to the doctors and sorted out. Hope all is well soon.

  6. Most definitely get yourself to the doctors.. asap!! Far too much of a coincidence to me!!
    To be brutally honest it would very, very stupid to not get this checked out.....
    Please take heed of everyones well meaning advice my dear!!
    Much Love, Jane xxx

  7. Yeah, I agree with all the above. It sounds like you have something a bit serious- a puncture wound followed by these symtoms suggests its gotten into your blood. I suggest the emergency room by tomorrow morning at the latest. I know doctors are where most of us would rather not be, but at least after you might find things getting a bit easier!
    In the mean time, try eating garlicy things (natural antibiotic) and bathing your foot in warm water with salt and a dash of tea tree oil (both good at purifying)
    Most of all, get well soon!

  8. hi there,i can really relate to your problem,i have been bed ridden with this problem for the last few month's,so bad,can't do a thing,can't walk a straight line,today i had a CT Scan,so i'm praying nothing is seriously wrong,i wish you all the best,and hope you get well soon.


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